27 Reasons I Knew I Found My Home During Recruitment


Going through recruitment the first time is one of the most stressful and exciting weeks of college. The small talk. The blisters. The sweating and the smiling and the same conversations over and over and over again. When you go through as a freshman (or sophomore, junior, or senior — no judgments) and you’re looking for your “home away from home” it can be hard to determine which one is right for you. So as you’re chatting about your major or what you’re looking for in a house, take notice of other things, different things, that will help you determine whether or not these will be your sisters ~4lyfe.~

  1. Walking in wasn’t totally, completely, painfully overwhelming.
    The girls seemed like normal girls I could actually hang out. 
  2. And I actually sort of looked forward to going into that house during recruitment.
    It was like a relief from the rest of actual recruitment.
  3. They partied with the hottest fraternities.
    Hey, I’m not saying it was the *only* reason, but it was a nice bonus.
  4. But they didn’t feel the need to lead with that.
    Partying is great, but knowing I’d have people to have brunch with the next morning was even better. 
  5. Every girl I talked to seemed like she could actually be my friend.
    And not just in a “we share letters” kind of way. 
  6. 2 words: meal plan.
    You mean, we had a chef that cooked us chicken nuggets and tots when we were hungover?
  7. Even when my curls looked like shit on the 3rd day, they didn’t make me feel like a piece of human garbage.
    Even though, trust me. I looked like a piece of human garbage.
  8. And one girl even gave me a hair tie. Her hair tie. And if that doesn’t show sisterhood, I don’t know what does.
    Sure, doing that broke a few rules, but honestly? I needed it. 
  9. Even after standing outside in the heat and rain, I felt comfortable going in there.
    You’ll never feel uglier than when you mop your sweat up with a coffee filter before entering a house of beautiful women. 
  10. I told a girl I wasn’t wearing underwear, and it ended up being funny, not creepy.
    No. Seriously. It was funny. Promise. 
  11. During preference night the girls looked like they really really loved each other.
    Seeing them hugging, smiling, crying, and laughing together made me realize that they had the relationships I wanted.
  12. One girl quoted Mean Girls to me.
    She didn’t get a manicure. Her nail beds sucked. Enough said. 
  13. I would have felt sad not seeing the girls who talked to me again.
    Even after a short amount of time, they felt like friends. 
  14. They weren’t creepy.
    Seriously. That’s a plus. Some of them just had too much eye contact for someone as socially awkward as I am. 
  15. When I saw they had full-sized bunk beds and I knew I’d never have to sleep in a twin again.
    What can I say? The perks got me. 
  16. The meal plan included a pasta night. With every type of pasta and sauce imaginable.
    They ate carbs. Real, delicious carbs. 
  17. They had *fire* door songs.
    I mean, “Perfect Day”? Come on. Try to beat that. 
  18. I saw a girl with a lip piercing.
    Not what I expected when I thought of a “sorority girl.”
  19. And more that that, she was the PRESIDENT.
    A leader with a facial piercing? So ~trendy.~
  20. I could totally see myself passing out on the couches after going out with sisters.
    And better yet, they said girls did that all of the time. 
  21. The snack closet.
    If you think your mom had good snacks, she doesn’t have anything on a house mom. 
  22. But still, they told me all of the tricks they played on their house mom.
    It was like “The Parent Trap” but better. 
  23. One girl and I talked about our pets the entire time.
    Sisterhood means laughing about your cats for forty-five minutes. Pretty sure that’s one of our values. 
  24. And the next day another girl and I talked about our shitty relationships the whole time.
    Nothing like the hatred of guys who don’t call you back to really create a friendship.
  25. The thought of crossing that house off of my list, even though it wasn’t the biggest or the “best” made me feel sad.
    Something about that place made me want to go back. 
  26. When my top house dropped me, I still felt okay because this house wanted me.
    Sometimes not getting your top choice is actually the best choice. 
  27. And every time I went in there, I couldn’t deny — it really truly felt like home.
    Sappy? Yes. Cheesy? You know it. But accurate AF? Hell yes.

Cue the ugly crying and the Bid Day chants.

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Rachel Varina

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