27 Reasons You Need To Go Out On Wednesday

27 Reasons You Need To Go Out On Wednesday

Because everyone loves hump day.

  1. You got a new haircut and someone needs to compliment you.
  2. The bar near your apartment has $2 drinks before 9:00.
  3. Your boyfriend is having a “guy’s night”.
  4. The couple in the apartment above you is having really loud sex.
  5. You bought new makeup and need an excuse to put it on.
  6. You don’t start class until 10:00 tomorrow.
  7. Your ex’s sister’s best friend’s boyfriend’s cousin is in town and you need to prove you’re over him.
  8. You saw that one Geico commercial that one time and you really like camels.
  9. The grocery store was out of fat free ice cream so you had to buy low fat and you’re really upset about it.
  10. Your boobs look awesome today.
  11. You bought a new flavor of vodka that your friend said doesn’t taste horrible.
  12. You shaved your legs and they’re really smooth and someone should feel them.
  13. “Wacky Wednesday” didn’t come from nowhere.
  14. You painted your nails and you only sort of messed them up.
  15. If the day’s about getting humped then you should be, too.
  16. Your friend thinks she saw her boyfriend check out the waitress.
  17. Someone told you your eyebrows look nice.
  18. You ran two entire miles at the gym.
  19. He hasn’t texted you back and it’s already been 20 minutes.
  20. It’s been three whole days since you last wore heels.
  21. Your favorite store had a sale and you need to celebrate.
  22. You had coffee at 5:00 so you’re going to be up late anyway.
  23. He texted you back and all he said was “K”.
  24. You need an excuse to drunk eat.
  25. You haven’t blacked out while singing karaoke in awhile.
  26. You woke up late and missed breakfast so you need to make up those calories somehow.
  27. It’s Wednesday.

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