28 Things That Make Us Love Boys

Love Boys

Besides bitches, boys are a girl’s favorite thing to talk about it. It’s embedded in our DNA. We talk about the awful things we love to hate about them, but also the adorable things that make us hate to love them so much. The obscure, underrated things that make us feel butterflies in our stomachs and tingles in our panties.

  1. A sense of humor: More accurately, he thinks everything I say is hilarious.
  2. He’s clean: A toilet not coated in pubes is SUCH a turn on.
  3. Any remote interest in you: You’d be surprised how much better a relationship is when the other person actually likes you.
  4. Manicured fingernails: He doesn’t have to have a clear coat, I’m just not trying to date Edward Scissorhands.
  5. Shoes that match his shirt: Color coordination is so hot right now.
  6. Makes friends easily: You’re not afraid to leave him alone at a party because he’ll find someone to head nod at.
  7. Watches rom-coms: Whether he actually likes them or is lying to make you happy, it’s much appreciated
  8. Blind Instagram likes: It’s their way of saying “hey, I see you pushed up your boobs for this picture and I appreciate that.”
  9. Smells good: 60% of the time, it works every time.
  10. He takes bullshit: Which is good because we have a ton of it.
  11. They can’t dance: But we can. And we make them anyway.
  12. He doesn’t snore: Sleeping next to a bear with sleep apnea and a running chainsaw is nearly impossible.
  13. Candids: That little sparkle in his eyes when he looks at you is going to make EVERYONE jealous.
  14. Sweatshirts: The cloth you are swimming in is basically a billboard that says “Smell this? This is mine.”
  15. Netflix binge partner: Watching a whole season of Parks And Rec is not embarrassing if you’re not alone.
  16. They “play an instrument”: We all know you started to play to get pussy. And it’s totally working.
  17. Mama’s boy: If he treats her like a queen, guess who is the next heir to the throne. (You, bitch)
  18. Touches the butt: Self-explanitory.
  19. “My Girl”: Excuse me while I powder my nose and change my underwear.
  20. Gets nervous talking to you: When he blushes or trips over his words or can’t look you in the eye, doesn’t it just make you want to squeal?????
  21. His friends know who you are before you meet them: He sat these dudes down and talked about how awesome you are. If that doesn’t make you wanna kiss his cute little face then you are wrong.
  22. He Gets passionate about trivial stuff: You don’t give a good goddamn about sports, but when he gets all riled up, it gets you riled up.
  23. He asks about your family: They’re good. Do you wanna be a part of it?
  24. Man with a plan: He doesn’t have a Pinterest board of his wedding, but at least he knows what he’s eating for dinner.
  25. He notices haircuts: Even trims that just make it “look healthier.”
  26. He cuddles: Without trying to mash his dick between your butt cheeks.
  27. Good texter: He answers texts when he receives them. And sometimes he even texts first. *drool*
  28. Plays with your hair: Just ignore my purring. Please continue.

It’s the little things.

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Ali Hin

A born and raised Jersey girl, she can always be found covered in sand and pizza sauce. Her personal brand is "that girl." She prefers wine in bottles because she thinks outside of the box. Send fan mail to or by smoke signal.

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