29 Reasons Frank And Claire Underwood Are The Perfect Couple

29 Reasons Frank And Claire Underwood Are The Best Couple Ever

Move over, Bonnie and Clyde. You’ve officially been replaced by the president and first lady of Netflix, Frank and Claire. It was announced via Twitter on Monday that the Underwoods will return for their third season on Feb. 27, 2015. If that doesn’t make your insides shiver with orgasmic excitement, you just don’t get it.

Maybe it’s our love of Kevin Spacey and the fact that he is, without a doubt, one of the sexiest older gents around (if you disagree, you haven’t seen the show and therefore you can’t sit with us). It could also be because his character is married to Jenny from “Forrest Gump,” a film that every red-blooded American can’t get enough of.

Whatever it is, we love the stars of “House of Cards,” Frank and Claire Underwood. Why? Because they are the perfect couple. Sure, they have their faults–every couple does. But when it comes to being besties, teammates, and actual partners? They’ve got it down. In honor of their dramatic and anxiously awaited return, we’d like to acknowledge that they beat every other couple, ever.

  1. They’re both super attractive.
  2. And fit. Something about that rowing machine really agrees with their bodies. And my libido.
  3. Two words: southern accents.
  4. They share a cigarette by the windowsill every night and talk about their days, dreams, and evil plans.
  5. He talks to us, the audience, as if we’re there, mid conversation, and she accepts that.
  6. She’s super cool with him hooking up with young, sexy women.
  7. As long as it’s for their benefit, of course.
  8. Hell, he’s cool with her banging other guys, too, as long as she’s discreet.
  9. And he’ll totally give her the type of threesomes we ladies want.
  10. Their house is perfect.
  11. Even when Frank moved up the ranks in governmental office, he decided he still wanted to work out of his house so he could be near his wife.
  12. I totally get that.
  13. Plus no pants and lots of drinking.
  14. They can basically speak to each other in evil eye flutters.
  15. They actually respect each other.
  16. And they are kind of scared of each other, which is basically every woman’s dream.
  17. They get drunk and kinky together.
  18. They know each other’s secrets and have accepted the bad in each other.
  19. Plus, they’ll go to great lengths to protect each other’s illusion of honor.
  20. They go to really, really nice parties.
  21. And manipulate all of the people there to do exactly what they want.
  22. Frank has a “rib guy” who is basically part of the family.
  23. They discuss things like blackmail, murder, and affairs casually.
  24. They plot every single detail of their twisted lives together. Hello, romance.
  25. They do fun activities, like jogging and ruining lives, as a team.
  26. He told her that he couldn’t have become the president without her.
  27. They just get each other.
  28. You know what they say: “Couples who plot, murder, and manipulate together stay together.” Or something like that. #RelationshipGoals

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