29 Things Only Girls With Thin Hair Will Understand

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  1. There is no amount of biotin and vitamin E that will make your hair any thicker.
  2. Bosley commercials induce nightmares of a possible future of thinning and balding.
  3. You’ve owned countless bottles of Mane N’ Tail.
  4. You don’t even consider going out without a little tease.
  5. The sock bun was made for you.
  6. No, my hair is not damaged.
  7. The cute high ponytail trend just falls flat. Literally.
  8. Your hair is already air dry by the time you step out of the pool.
  9. Don’t get me started on those annoying fly aways.
  10. You’ve dealt with a fair share of extensions.
  11. You will never understand why thick hair could ever be a problem.
  12. You’ve been told you should try getting a pixie cut.
  13. Your braids are actually nonexsistent they are so skinny.
  14. You never understand why your friends hate skinny hair ties.
  15. You’ve probably had a bob.
  16. And bangs.
  17. The age of the crimper was your time to shine.
  18. *readjusts ponytail for the twentieth time*
  19. You’re constantly losing bobby pins because they’re always sliding out.
  20. The slightest breeze can completely ruin your hair.
  21. What is this “volume” you speak of?
  22. Every hair you lose while brushing represents a small piece of your soul.
  23. The “bump it” was a big huge giant fail.
  24. You’ve tried every weird home remedy, like putting egg yolk in your hair. Let’s not talk about it.
  25. Those adorable big messy buns never seem to work out.
  26. Wait, people wax their arms?
  27. Let’s play, “how many times can I wrap this hair tie around my ponytail?”
  28. You’re appalled that people actually get their hair “thinned out.”
  29. Getting to the bottom of a bottle of shampoo or conditioner is a challenge.

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