3 Fall Themed Sisterhood Events You’ll Actually Want To Attend

Pumpkin Patch

If you’re #basic like me, then you fucking love fall. The weather, the clothes, the day drinks, and the mother fucking pumpkin everything. That’s what fall is all about. Not only is fall clearly the best season, but it’s also the start of a new school year. You get to see all of the sisters you missed over the summer and gossip with them about the sisters you hate. And honestly, what better way to catch up than fall themed sisterhood events? With that in mind, here are four fall sisterhood events you’ll actually want to attend.

Beer Garden/Fall Beer Tasting

For all of you out there who “don’t drink beer,” kindly shut the fuck up. We get it, you’re prissy and spoiled and don’t know how to just relax. For the rest of you that are actually normally human beings, a fall-inspired beer tasting would be one of the best sisterhood events imaginable. Pair this activity with your cutest over-the-knee boots, leggings, knit sweater, and blanket scarf and proceed to have the best time possible. For those of you who have never done any sort of tasting, whether it is wine or beer, these types of events are the actual best. You go on a nice crisp fall afternoon, get a solid buzz going, and you get to try all kinds of awesome new drinks. With a beer tasting, you have your pick between different hard ciders, lagers, or ales. They have pumpkin flavors, apple flavors, and cinnamon flavors. No, you won’t like all the options, but you can chat with your sisters about what you liked best versus what they liked, and use the drinks as inspiration for future fall themed events. All in all, this is a must do event.

Cornfield Capture the Flag

I love competition. A lot. Competition makes everything more fun, so instead of just a normal cornfield maze at your basic pumpkin patch, make a competition out of it. Divide your sorority into multiple teams and have a huge game of capture the flag. This is a great way to get girls who don’t usually hang out with each other to get to know one another in a fun way. We all have our go-to friend group and that’s great, but think about all the girls you haven’t had a chance to connect with yet. Sometimes it can be awkward to just go up to someone and be like “hey, I know we don’t really know each other but wanna grab coffee?” With this, you can make teams and divide up friend groups to push girls outside of their comfort zone and help them develop connections with different sisters. Not only do you get to talk to sisters that they wouldn’t normally gravitate towards, but you can count this as your workout for the week with all the running around you’ll be doing. Sounds like a win-win to me.

Apple Picking

This is the definition of cliché but like anyone cares. Honestly, the reason why things are deemed as clichés is because everyone loves them. Cue: Apple picking. Apple picking is awesome if you have a plan for after. For example, you can go apple picking and then bring the apples back to the house and make caramel apples. Make a day of this event; start off by going to the nearest orchard in the late morning/early afternoon. After a couple hours at the orchard and once everyone has picked the perfect apple, head back to the sorority house where the supplies for caramel apples has already been set up. Of just a whole bunch of handles of Fireball. Pair this with hot apple cider and you have the perfect fall afternoon. As an added bonus, think of all the cute Tumblr and Instagram pictures you’ll get out of the event, because recruitment is a year round process.

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