3 Rules To Keep A Greek Relationship Working

3 Rules To Keep A Greek Relationship Working

Relationships in college are hard to maintain, and relationships in the Greek system can be even harder. Let’s face it, the Greek system is comprised of hundreds of hot people who like to get blackout drunk and hookup with each other on a relatively casual basis. Doesn’t sound like the best place for a budding romance now does it?

Wrong! I’m here today to tell you that it CAN work! In fact, it isn’t hard to make it work! Girls just go crazy and make the same mistakes over and over again. I have seen my friends make them, and I can honestly say I make them myself from time to time.

Therefore, to avoid these mistakes, I have come up with three simple rules to relationships for women in the Greek system:

1. Don’t stop partying.

Let’s face it, you most likely first started seeing your guy after a DFMO at a mixer. He fell for you not only because you are incredibly hot, but because you could take a shot of 151 without flinching. So stay that way! So many girls become these boring blobs after they enter into a relationship, and then wonder why their boyfriend is irritated with them when they don’t want to do anything. Realize you are dating a man in a fraternity, and he is at school to have a good time. Don’t be a buzz kill! Go out and party with him!

2. Don’t stop hanging out with your sisters.

So many girls completely disregard their friends once they get a boyfriend, and cling on to him 24/7. Not only will this damage your relationships with some of the most amazing ladies in your life, it will also have a negative effect in your relationship. He will recognize that you keep ditching them, he will see that you have become clingy, and he will get bored of the fact that you have nothing to talk about other than what you had at Starbucks that day. Don’t be that girl!

3. Have lots of Sex.

This is probably the biggest and most obvious key to stopping arguments before they start, yet people still let their sex lives suffer after an extended period of time in a relationship. More sex will make you happier, it will make him happier, and then you happier again because he is happier! Withholding sex or using it as a weapon is just stupid and causes problems later on. Stop plotting and get busy! This also keeps him from getting distracted by other girls, because you’re already more than fulfilling all of his sexual needs.

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