3 Simple DIY Projects Even A Kardashian Could Do


For anyone who’s a true Kendall Jenner fan, you’ll know that as of late, her go-to accessory has been some variation of a simple, black choker.

Homegirl rocks this ‘90’s throwback like it’s going out of style. In an effort to be more like Kenny, (because let’s be serious, who doesn’t want to be Kendall?) you may have decided it’s time to invest in a black choker of your own. However, it seems like such a waste to spend money on something so simple. I mean, after all, it is only a ribbon. It would appear like it’s time for a DIY project, but oh em gee, wherever shall you start on such a complicated process? Fear not, Kendall’s here to save the day.

Yep, that’s right. Kendall posted a video on her app about how to make a DIY choker. Because there is no way we would’ve been able to figure it out otherwise. In honor of Kendall’s new found craftiness and thriftiness, I present three DIY projects so simple, even a Kardashian/Jenner could do them.

1. Wine Bottle Vase

Have you ever just thought to yourself that the one thing your dingy, college apartment was missing was a nice centerpiece? A focal point, perhaps, that diverts attention from the vomit stain left over from that time the pregame got out of hand. Fear not, this simple craft is a cost-effective way to do just that.

What you’ll need:
• Wine bottle
• Bottle opener

• First, you’ll need to use the bottle opener to take the cork out of the bottle. If you’re balling on a budget, this step may not even be necessary as the bottle may have a twist-off cap. Either way, make sure the bottle is open.
• Next, empty the bottle. I suggest emptying the bottle into a wine glass and drinking it. This project may get a little tedious or difficult, so vino-induced stress relief is a must.
• After you’ve successfully emptied the bottle, rinse it out with water just to make sure no wine is left.
• Add (fake) flowers and viola, you have yourself a new DIY, conversation starter centerpiece.

2. Mood Lighting Lamp Shade

Your boyfriend wants to switch things up and have sex with the lights on but the harsh glare coming from your bedside table really does your body (and your self-confidence) no favors. What’s a girl to do? Answer: repurpose something old into something new.

What You’ll Need:
• Lamp
• Colored fabric

• To start this project, you’ll need to first decide on a piece of fabric. This is probably the most complicated part; if you pick something too dense, it’ll block out all the light. Too transparent, and it accomplishes nothing. You may be feeling stressed and overwhelmed at this point. It’s okay, calm down, take a deep breath, and I’ll help you through it.
• Pick a piece of fabric that matches the décor in your room. You want it to be see-through enough that your objects are visible, but not so much that you can make out every detail.
• After this, you’ll want to cut the fabric into a square (for more advanced crafters, try your hand at a circle) large enough to put over your lamp shade.
• Finally, do just that. Put the fabric over the lamp and turn it on. Your room now has a sexy glow perfect to set the mood for you and your man to do the dirty.
**Pro-tip: Or just throw a t-shirt over the lamp. Same effect, less work.**

3. Nail Polish Holder

Nail polish is like lip gloss — no one has ever successfully used an entire one without losing it. To combat this problem, fashion a holding mechanism that is not only effective but also atheistically pleasing.

What You’ll Need:
• Glass bowl
• Nail polish

• There is a lot of room for variability in this project depending on your needs. If you only have a few bottles of nail polish that you’re storing, you’ll obviously only need a smaller bowl. If you have a more extensive collection, a large bowl or multiple bowls of varying sizes are going to better meet your nail polish needs.
• After the bowl hurdle has been overcome, all that’s left is artistically arranging your nail polishes in said bowl. You can make it fun and quirky, with colors strewn about haphazardly or more deliberate, arranging similar shades in corresponding areas. The choice is yours — this is your opportunity to creatively express yourself.
**Pro-tip: This same process can be used for other makeup products as well (liners, shadows, glosses, etc.)**

Now just throw some black ribbon around your neck, middle school style, and you’re practically a Kardashian/Jenner. Welcome to the good life!

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