30 Reasons It’s Better to Be a Girl

1. We get to drink fruity, delicious cocktails without getting mocked by our friends.

2. Boobs.

3. We have so many more options for clothing than guys do.

4. We smell awesome.

5. It doesn’t sound gay when we comment on the attractiveness of a member of the same sex.

6. We can get things for free if we flirt with the waiter for long enough.

7. We never have to pay for our own drinks.

8. We don’t have to suppress our emotions.

9. Pinterest.

10. We get out of speeding tickets easily.

11. Lacy panties.

12. Everything we could ever need is in our purse.

13. A man will do almost anything for you if he thinks he’s going to get laid.

14. We make manipulation an art form.

15. Our wedding day is really all about us.

16. Most days are really all about us.

17. There’s no such thing as a short woman’s complex

18. Heavy things are for guys to take care of.

19. So are spiders.

20. An ugly girl can become passable with the right hair and make-up, an ugly guy is just fucked.

21. We live longer.

22. No matter how small your hands are, nobody wonders how small anything else is.

23. PMS is a legal defense for murder.

24. We always have company in the bathroom.

25. There’s not a girl equivalent for whiskey dick.

26. We can be aroused in public without being arrested.

27. Never having to open a door.

28. Pedicures.

29. We understand the power of a good hair day.

30. We look awesome naked.


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