30 Reasons Your Gay Bestie is Your Favorite Bestie

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my unmatched love for the gays. Not only do I love my gay bff’s more than life, but I literally LIVE for a good Tom Ford moment, and I secretly think Andy Cohen and I are real-life best friends. Turns out, we’re not, but whatever. Anyway. Here are the 30 Reasons Your Gay Best Friend is Your Favorite Best Friend

1. You’ll always have someone on hand to bitch about life with.

2. You’ll never have to worry who wants to brunch.

3. You always have a go-to date for formals.

4. You never have to worry about your gay bestie stealing your clothes.

5. He gives the best sex tips, because…well, he has a penis.

6. You always get an honest answer to “Does this make me look fat?”

7. If someone stabs you in the back, hell hath no fury like a gay whose betch has been scorned.

8. You ALWAYS have a hook up for addy, Xanax, etc. Gays love prescriptions.

9. You’re guaranteed to have someone to sit around and appreciate fashion week with.

10. Wedding planning becomes a breeze when you have your Fairy Godfruit on hand.

11. There is nothing too offensive, and no topic is off limits.

12. Gay bars are a welcome break from college bars every so often.

13. He’s always the sluttiest friend there. He’s on GRINDER for goodness’ sake.

14. You finally have someone to call out your frenemy on her hideous knock-off bag.

15. Real Housewives is ALWAYS recorded.

16. He’ll put on his straight voice to ward off losers.

17. You always have someone to watch musicals with.

18. The nicknames he gives you are priceless.

19. Your gay bestie will always serve as a sounding board for any sorority drama. He’s the best 3rd party, because even though he’s an honorary member, he’s not technically a member.

20. Gays are AMAZING at networking so he always knows the hostess at the new restaurant and can get reservations.

21. He also always has a friend who works at the boutique and lets you know when new merch comes in.

22. He won’t judge you when you’re delusionally convinced that Adam Levine is your boyfriend. He’ll join in.

23. Drunk sleepovers are way better than shacking, because his bathroom is fully stocked with the same facial cleanser and night cream that you use.

24. He’s the best wing man in the entire world.

25. Absolutely zero judgement when you’re feeling that your weekend was a little too slutty.

26. Glitter. Glitter. Glitter.

27. Sometimes you just need to cuddle and NOT deal with your cuddle buddy getting a boner.

28. Girls without gays are ALWAYS jealous.

29. He makes an awesome delivery boy during big/little week.

30. Hands down, there is no friendship more fun, more honest, or more fabulous than the one you have with your gay bestie.


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