30 Things You’ll Do This Year Because You’re A Senior


It’s the end of the world as we know it. Our undergrad years have come and gone faster than a handle of Burnett’s in a freshman’s dorm room. Senior year is upon us, and we’re all fully prepared to laugh, sob, sleep, drink black out until we forget it’s our last year. Mostly, however, we’re ready to use senior year as a completely valid reason to do all of the following:

  1. Go out on Monday.
  2. Skip chapter to go out on Monday.
  3. Skip class Tuesday to go to breakfast after going out on Monday.
  4. Eat two bagels at said breakfast. Your college days are numbered and breakfasts at your favorite place on campus are numbered.
  5. Go to the gym after eating two bagels at breakfast. Free gyms are a magical thing that truly only exist on college campuses and you’re going to get your not-paying-money’s worth.
  6. Get sad about having to pay for a gym next year.
  7. Decide that maybe you’ll just let yourself go.
  8. Decide you will not let yourself go. Your early twenties will 100 percent be your peak.
  9. Wonder if you’ll meet your husband during said peak.
  10. Speaking of boys, you should definitely sleep with your freshman year crush. You know, for old time’s sake.
  11. And your sophomore year crush.
  12. Not your junior year crush. He’s dating someone and no one likes a home-wrecker.
  13. Realize you’ll have to look for a home for yourself for when you’re forcefully removed from your college apartment at the last possible date of your lease.
  14. Throw a bomb pregame in your apartment.
  15. Lots of pregames.
  17. Take lots of pictures at these pregames.
  18. Go all out for themed socials. You can’t dress for CEO’s and Office Hoes, Flannels and Handles, or Workout Bros and Yoga Hoes and not look like a coke addict in the “real world.”
  19. Be a real-life yoga hoe who Instagrams her cool yoga poses.
  20. Take advantage of all of the free yoga/kickboxing/circuit classes at the gym.
  21. Go to Chipotle after the free yoga/kickboxing/circuit classes because when else are you going to live in walking distance of Chipotle?
  22. And FroyoWorld.
  23. And Subway.
  24. Wash down the Chipotle, FroyoWorld, or Subway with a glass of wine because it’s senior year.
  25. Make that two glasses of wine.
  26. Three glasses of w– you know what, let’s just finish the entire bottle.
  27. Decide to go out because now you’re wine drunk and feelin’ yourself.
  28. Convince the squad to come out with you because like this could be one of your last chances.
  29. Drink like you’re freshmen to forget that you’re seniors.
  30. Pass out and hope senior year doesn’t go as fast as this list.

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