32 Reasons Why Sorority Girls Are The Most Stressed Out Humans

32 Reasons Why Sorority Girls Are The Most Stressed Out Humans

  1. Balancing a high GPA, a social life, sorority events, other organizations on campus, and a job is no joke.
  2. Four tests, three projects, two presentations, and a social with your favorite fraternity are all in the same week.
  3. Your mom called you three times and you didn’t answer and now she is PISSED.
  4. You really want Starbs, but you are already wearing letters and Uggs and it would physically pain you to be any more basic.
  5. Painting coolers requires the patience and accuracy of an FBI sniper.
  6. Your eyeliner isn’t even on both eyes.
  7. He didn’t text you back.
  8. He triple texted you.
  9. He doesn’t even have your number, let alone know you exist.
  10. Your outfit matches TOO well. Who has that kind of coordination to match their phone case with their backpack?
  11. Your big, comfy spirit jersey shrunk in the wash and now it fits like a regular shirt
  12. You swear you pulled your hair up for two seconds and there’s already a crease in it
  13. No one noticed your new haircut because you didn’t post an Instagram about it, but now it’s too late.
  14. Your little is at one party, but your big is at another.
  15. Every pregame playlist you play just doesn’t capture the mood of the night.
  16. Leggings or yoga pants???
  17. Drunk you ate that pizza you were saving for dinner tonight at 3 AM.
  18. Date dashes.
  19. “I made out with him once at a concert and I haven’t talked to him since. Do I still have to write happy birthday on his Facebook wall?”
  20. The last time you shaved was longer ago than you’d like to admit
  21. Your social outfit is good, but it isn’t perfect.
  22. There are no seats left in the library and you need to finish this essay, like, yesterday.
  23. You scuffed your brand new patent wedges trying to dance on the bar. You couldn’t help it! They were playing your song!
  24. Praying no one goes through your “Recently Deleted,” which is a compilation of screenshots and failed selfies.
  25. The struggle between wanting to be warm, but not wanting a jacket to cover up your outfit.
  26. You want a tattoo, but you don’t know what you want it to be.
  27. Lilly discontinued sorority prints.
  28. The egg shortage in America means no more Rita’s custard.
  29. The theme of your bathroom doesn’t match the theme of your whole apartment.
  30. They ran out of jungle juice and they only have beer left.
  31. You miss your school friends when you are home and you miss your home friends when you are at school.
  32. This list is ending on an strange number. Like why didn’t she just take a couple out and make it an even 30?

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