34 Signs You’re “That Girl”

34 Signs You're That Girl

  1. You idolize Kim Kardashian.
  2. You post an #MCM of your boyfriend on Instagram every. single. week. Thirty-seventh week in a row? Shocking.
  3. You monogram things that don’t need to be monogrammed. We get it. It’s YOUR pencil case.
  4. You post selfies with inspirational quotes as the caption.
  5. Your Starbucks order takes more than 10 seconds to say.
  6. You start every sentence with “Wait, like…”
  7. You dress up for finals. “Dress well, test well” is a load of shit. Sit your ass down.
  8. You go to the gym strictly to walk around and be seen by everyone.
  9. Your Snapchat story is more than 100 seconds long.
  10. You force boys to throw your sign with you in every photo.
  11. You inform everyone how healthy your all-organic diet is, but you black out every weekend.
  12. You hang out with more guys than girls because it’s “less drama.”
  13. You’ve worn your rain boots on campus because the forecast called for a six percent chance of rain.
  14. You scream upon seeing your friends literally anywhere, regardless of the amount of alcohol you’ve had.
  15. You’ve sent more than four unanswered texts to a guy within a week.
  16. You ask people if things are “srat” enough before you buy them.
  17. You refer to a fraternity’s pledges as your own.
  18. You use words such as “betch” or “totes” in complete seriousness.
  19. You’ve painted your nails at the library before.
  20. You’ve actually commanded a guy to buy a drink for you.
  21. You’ve also seen him grit his teeth when he realizes he has to order the most emasculating drink known to mankind.
  22. You upload more than 100 photos at a time to Facebook.
  23. You refuse to leave after shacking until you’re presented with a T-shirt.
  24. You vomit at the pregame.
  25. You always change the song at the party to “Partition” by Beyoncé.
  26. You automatically say the designer’s name when someone compliments you on a piece of clothing.
  27. You’re naturally skinny, have never exercised a day in your life, and complain about how fat you are.
  28. You become a bandwagon fan of any sports team in your area that has done well recently.
  29. You ask to borrow everyone’s clothes, but you refuse to let anyone borrow yours.
  30. You slept with an athlete for the sole purpose of being able to tell everyone you slept with an athlete.
  31. You overheard some slightly questionable things a sister did and decided it was your job to take it to the exec board.
  32. You’ve made everyone leave the bar at 11 p.m. with you because you wanted Taco Bell.
  33. You made a social media account for your pet.
  34. You still leave voicemails.

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