34 Thoughts You Have While Binging On “Friends” Episodes

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1. Oh my god, have I been watching this for four hours?

2. Could I BE any more of a loser?

3. I would so drink a beer with Phoebe.

4. I don’t care if he’s a cheater, I’d totally bump uglies with Paolo. Like, yum.

5. Holy shit, Monica gives me so much anxiety.

6. There’s no way those two bitches could afford such a nice apartment in New York City.

7. I would date the shit out of Joey.

8. How’s he doin?

9. Janice’s laugh instills the fear of God in me.

10. Why aren’t my friends this cool?

11. Chandler is so awkward. Reminds me of my last boyfriend.

12. Thank God ’90s fashion is no longer a thing.

13. I’d kill for one of Phoebe’s massages right now.

14. I would never hook up with Richard. There’s no way you could escape that man without a ‘stache rash.

15. Jesus, Rachel is such a whiner.

16. Seriously, she needs to cry less.

17. That white dog statue would look great as a focal point in my living room.

18. Ross should just marry Marcel and quit bugging Rachel.

19. Just kidding. They’re totally meant to be.

20. OMG I love it when they do a throwback and we get to see Monica in a fat suit.

21. If only my landlord would let me keep a chick and a duck.

22. Phoebe looks like she took shrooms and went thrift shopping.

23. If I were Rachel, and Brad Pitt hated me that much, I’d just off myself.

24. Can whole turkeys really fit over people’s heads like that?

25. I wish Mr. and Mrs. Gellar were my parents.

26. Does Rachel just not believe in wearing bras?

27. Remind me again why Phoebe and Joey never got together.

28. Why did Chandler have to gain so much weight, WHY?

29. Wait, cause Matthew Perry was recovering from his cocaine addiction.

30. Goddamn, Ross and Rachel made the cutest baby.

31. Estelle should be a poster child to help smokers quit. That bitch is gross.

32. Phoebe pulls some seriously beautiful slams.

33. Except David the scientist. He was a straight weirdo.

34. They were so NOT on a break.

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