35 Totally Rational Thoughts You Have During Finals Week


  1. I really don’t need to do this project/paper/study until the night before.
  2. Because I work better under pressure anyway.
  3. Basically, I’m doing myself a favor by putting this off until later.
  4. Eating this entire pizza is definitely going to somehow help me ace this final tomorrow.
  5. Why wasn’t I born a Kardashian?
  6. They literally get paid to exist.
  7. Maybe when I die I can be reincarnated as one.
  8. Or Kate Upton, I’d settle for her too.
  9. Or literally any celebrity.
  10. What if I just drop out and become a stripper?
  11. Seriously though I’ve heard they can make up to six figures a year.
  12. Oh, wait I forgot I can’t dance.
  13. I’m getting kind of tired…better have some coffee to keep me awake.
  14. And some ice cream.
  15. And Oreos… only one though.
  16. Plus five.
  17. Are those leftover chicken wings in the fridge?
  18. Maybe if I sleep with this textbook under my pillow I’ll just, like, absorb the information. That’s a thing right?
  19. Oh, hey there car didn’t see you coming. Go ahead hit me. Then I won’t have to take this final.
  20. This is so stupid I can’t believe they would ask a question like this.
  21. This professor is clearly trying to fail us all.
  22. He probably enjoys watching us all suffer.
  23. I wonder if I’ll get bonus points if I leave tearstains on my exam.
  24. I should just fill in all random answers.
  25. I’ll probably get a better score than if I actually try.
  26. Next semester I’m totally going to start studying earlier for finals.
  27. Hahaha who am I kidding.
  28. Procrastination over everything.
  29. No wait that’s wine. Wine over everything.
  30. Wine doesn’t care what grade I get on my finals.
  31. I love you wine.
  32. Okay, okay focus. I haven’t had a C in awhile…yeah let’s go with C.
  33. Here you go, professor. Thanks for a great semester aka thank you for depriving me of sleep for the past 48 hours.
  35. Shoot I did write my name on that test didn’t I?

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20 year survivor of Round Face Syndrome. Lover of Netflix. Firm believer that leggings are in fact pants.

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