36 Things Every Senior Absolutely Needs To Do Before Graduation


Well, shit. After years (four if you were on track, five if you did it right) of partying, waking up at noon, and making horribly wonderful decisions, the time has come. Your intent to graduate has been processed. The email to pick up your cap and gown is on its way. And you’re sitting here wondering how, the hell, you’re supposed to leave the college world and enter the real world in less than a month. Are you prepared enough? Did you do anything you should have done in college? Will you regret anything? Who knows? But luckily, I have compiled a list that should alleviate some of that stress. Some of the things are serious, some of them are fun, and some are just so very, very college, that I need you to do them one last time before you strut across that stage in May.

  1. Have a sort of plan about what you want to do after you turn your tassel over.
    Whether it’s starting a “real” job, moving back home, or traveling the world, know what you’re doing after you get that expensive piece of paper.
  2. And have some backups, just in case.
    For when that dream internship falls through or you realize you can’t afford six months in Europe.
  3. Hit up your favorite freshman bar, and relive all of your underage memories.
    When you come back to visit as a postgrad, it’s just sort of weird.
  4. Yes, that includes tequila and body shots.
    Because when you’re not in college, the hangovers are way, way worse. That’s just science.
  5. Evaluate your relationships and figure out which ones are important.
    Now is the time to concentrate on you, not your boyfriend or on-again-off-again best friend. 
  6. And seriously consider whether or not you want those to dictate your future.
    This can determine where you apply and what you look into. 
  7. Stay up all. damn. night.
    No 6 a.m. alarms. No 9-5 jobs. Just you, your FWB, and your hangover to greet the new day. 
  8. Think about where you want to live, because for the first time, the choice is really yours.
    And consider moving out of state. It’s scary, but trust me on this one. Now is the time. 
  9. Go to the dining hall, and gorge on the disgusting food you lived off of for four years.
    Because having pizza, french fries, and ice cream for dinner isn’t always on the menu after this.
  10. Calculate how well you have to do on your finals to pass.
    Because despite what you think, sometimes Cs don’t actually get degrees (for real, check the syllabus).
  11. And do whatever it takes to get those grades.
    WHATEVER it takes. Jk. Sort of. 
  12. Get drunk before chapter. Just once.
    It will make ritual so, so much better. 
  13. And stop taking shit from the people you hate.
    The passive aggressive girl who always makes comments about your hair? Put her in her fucking place. 
  14. Take a dorky picture in front of your freshman dorm.
    You’ll feel silly at the time, but years later you’ll be glad you did it. 
  15. And sure. Do one popping a bottle of champagne in your school’s fountain.
    It’s cliché, but boy. Does it reel in those Instagram likes.
  16. Go to your favorite bar and drink in letters.
    What are they going to do? Send you to standards? 
  17. Consider doing something nice for your favorite professors.
    Do it out of actual gratitude or just brown nosing. Either way, it’ll get you a bomb job recommendation.
  18. Think about grad school. Like really, really think about it.
    If you think you need that excess debt and years of studying, go for it. If you’re doing it because you’re scared of the real world, don’t.
  19. Hook up with that guy you’ve had your eye on forever.
    Or just talk to him instead of creepily staring at him from across the bar. 
  20. If you haven’t done a keg stand, now is the time. If you have done one, put on some shorts and beat your old record.
    You’ll either never do it again after college, or if you do, you’ll be expected to be very good at it. 
  21. Same goes for shotgunning a beer.
    Just breathe in through your nose and aim it to the back of your throat 😉
  22. Plan what you want to say at your senior farewells.
    Sure, standing in front of the chapter, drunk and crying is fun. But telling the story of how you ~made love~ in the bathroom during a tailgate is ever better. 
  23. Take advantage of great drink specials and dumb guys willing to fund your alcohol habit.
    “Free drinks and a $5 cover” isn’t a thing in the real world.
  24. Try to secure a job or internship before graduation. If not that, at least be applying.
    You’d be surprised how hard it actually is to get that salary and 401(k).
  25. Learn what a 401(k) is.
    Trust me, it’s the difference between taking a job and not. 
  26. Tell off that POS boy who makes your life literal hell.
    Whether he’s your ex or your current boyfriend, throw his ass out and never look back. 
  27. Snag all the free stuff you can.
    Shirts, food, condoms. Cherish not having to pay for anything while you still can. 
  28. And utilize the free services the school has to offer.
    Resume advice, interview prep, and a network of alumni who are hiring — hit up your career center and thank me later. 
  29. Spend time in your sorority house, just soaking up all of the memories.
    A home filled with sixty plus girls is about to be something from your past. Enjoy the meal plan and closets while you still can. 
  30. Steam your graduation gown, practice walking in your heels, and pick the perfect dress.
    I shouldn’t have to tell you that these are pictures you’ll keep forever, but you know. They are. 
  31. And plan out what design you want on your cap. Like, now.
    You don’t want to be like every other basic bitch with your school mascot and a bow. 
  32. Send out all of those annoying graduation announcements to relatives, your parents’ friends, and old teachers.
    Sure, it’s tedious. But when you rake in a thousand plus dollars you’ll forget how many hours you spent on them. 
  33. Visit all of your favorite haunts from your undergrad, like the gross bar you met your ex at and the frat house you lost your dignity at.
    They deserve a proper goodbye too.
  34. Start ordering graduation gifts for friends and “I love you” gifts for littles and glittles.
    A bottle of decent alcohol will go a long way with your underage G — and ensure that she tells fantastic stories about you for years to come. 
  35. Maybe kind of sort of think about what you want to do for the rest of your life.
    No pressure. But the rest of your life? It’s about to start.
  36. Stay up all night, get way too drunk, and soak it all in.
    Cherish the end of this chapter, but look forward with happiness. The best is yet to come.

Trust me. You got this.

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