37 Things Taylor Swift Taught Us About Life

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With the release of her album just 10 days away, we decided to pay homage to our girl, Taylor.

  1. Boys will break your heart. Let them, learn from it, move on.
  2. Just be sure to remind them over and over again about how much better off you are without them.
  3. Getting a cat doesn’t mean that you’re going to die alone. It just means that you like cats, okay?
  4. Being obsessed with “Law and Order: SVU” is not only perfectly acceptable, it’s completely normal.
  5. Saying the word “hella” is probably not the best idea. Don’t say it when approaching a guy.
  6. “Sisters before misters” is apparently something that not every girl adheres to.
  7. Which brings us to our next point…
  8. Camilla Belle is a bitch.
  9. Being successful and rich does not necessarily mean that you’re happy.
  10. If you dance with a guy in your kitchen–or living room, for that matter–he will inevitably leave you.
  11. Wearing his clothes while hysterically crying on the floor of your bathroom is completely normal after a breakup.
  12. Don’t take him back.
  13. Seriously, don’t do it.
  15. Trust your gut. If you think he’s bad news, he is probably bad news.
  16. Breakfast at midnight is probably the best idea you’ll ever have in your life.
  17. Just kidding. Making fun of your ex-boyfriend is actually the best idea you’ll have. But breakfast at midnight is a close second.
  18. Guys steal shit after breakups, too.
  19. It’s okay to embrace your inner crazy.
  20. Dating a Kennedy never ends well.
  21. …same goes for John Mayer.
  22. …and Jake Gyllenhaal.
  23. …Joe Jonas.
  24. …Taylor Lautner.
  25. …basically, don’t date anyone famous.
  26. People change. Deal with it.
  27. Mother knows best. Seriously, listen to her.
  28. Learn from other people’s choices, mistakes, and successes.
  29. Literally no one likes high school. Even the people who liked high school hated high school.
  30. Your best friend is for life. Treat her well.
  31. Don’t fret that it’s over, be thankful that it happened.
  32. Live in the moment.
  33. Guys don’t care about what your hair looks like. Short or long, you do you, girlfriend.
  34. It’s normal to not remember your first love fondly. Just don’t think about him too much.
  35. There’s nothing wrong with staying in on a Saturday night. Party girls are fun, but sometimes only in small doses.
  36. Work hard, play hard, see results. It’s as simple as that.

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