39 Fashion And Beauty Trends We Will Hate Ourselves For In 10 Years

trends we will hate ourselves for

Fashion today is great. It’s infinitely better than the travesty that is the early 2000’s. It seems as if we finally have our shit together. But do we really? When we look back on what we wear today, we’re going to hang our head in shame thinking about the ridiculous trends we followed.

  1. Filled in eyebrows
  2. Intense highlighter
  3. Flower crowns
  4. Joggers
  5. High waisted jeans
  6. High waisted jorts
  7. High waisted anything
  8. Kimonos
  9. Gladiator sandals
  10. Riding boots
  11. Heels and sweatpants a la Kylie Jenner
  12. Roots
  13. Giant T-shirts and shorts
  14. Crop top sweaters
  15. Turtleneck tanks
  16. Parachute pants
  17. Thick winged eyeliner
  18. Calvins sticking out of our jeans
  19. Contouring
  20. Dolman tops
  21. Rompers
  22. Jumpsuits
  23. Dutch braids
  24. Rave outfits
  25. Chokers attached to dresses
  26. TOMS
  27. Flannels tied around the waist
  28. Circular sunglasses
  29. Velvet
  30. Moccasins
  31. Spirit jerseys
  32. Corduroy skirts
  33. Flash tats
  34. Instagram hair trends
  35. Thigh high black socks
  36. Combat boots
  37. Bodysuits
  38. Statement necklaces
  39. Kendra Scott Jewelry

Enjoy it while it lasts, ladies.

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