4 Frat Boys Arrested For Stealing Their House Mom’s Door

Sigma Chi

Being a house mom for a sorority can’t be easy. You have tons of women and tons of emotions flying around all the time, but I can see how it may be rewarding. As someone who likes to counsel and provide comfort for my loved ones, I can see how being surrounded by young women might be nice. You get to play Mommy for hundreds of girls, and, in some way, form bonds, just like the sorority girls do.

Being a house mom for a fraternity, however? That’s grounds for psychiatric evaluation. Boys are a nightmare between the ages of 18 and 22 (or if we’re being realistic, they’re pretty nightmarish their whole lives). When you get a whole gaggle of them together and you add in money, booze, and zero responsibility, you have absolute anarchy…and a pretty foul smell.

Recently, a few of the Sigma Chi brothers at LSU “forcibly removed” their house mom’s bedroom door. I’m not entirely sure what that means, but as there were no reports of sexual harassment, I’d say they were playing a prank on her by stealing her door. Annoying, yes, but there was no report of theft, so it seems like one of the crazy hijinks you’re stuck dealing with when you live with a bunch of fraternity boys.

Unfortunately, this resulted in a police investigation and four arrests. How did the guilty rapscallions get caught? Well, Christopher Young, 23, Max Garcia, 22, Matthew Palmer, 22, and David Songy, 22 posted a photo of themselves broken into their house mom’s room on social media, and the mystery was solved.


[via Daily Reveille]

Image via Weblinks – Sigma Chi

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