4 Reasons Everyone Should Be Single In College

4 Reasons Everyone Should Be Single In College

As a sorority woman who is just fresh out of college and has stepped into the ridiculously scary real world, the best thing that I ever did was stay single in college. Crazy, huh? I know. Ladies, hear me out. There’s more to life than co-ed boys.

1. Break-Ups
Nobody likes ending a relationship. It hurts like a motherfucker, it usually makes you fat, and more often than not, you find yourself hysterically crying to Taylor Swift songs at 2 a.m. on a Wednesday. Simply put, breaking up is not pretty. Why put yourself through that when you have classes to attend and formal recruitment to plan for? You need to have your big girl panties on and get your shit together! College boys are just going to break your heart in the long run, so run while you can.

2. Drama, Drama, Drama
You already have plenty of drama between your high school friends and your sorority sisters, so why do you need the added drama of a boyfriend weighing you down? You remember the old saying “ball and chain?” Well, it works both ways…don’t let a man hold you down.

3. Parties!
As someone who has gone to her fair share of parties in college, I can tell you that I always hated that one friend who had a boyfriend. She would either lean against the wall because she couldn’t grind up on other guys or cry in the bathroom because her man had yet again stood her up. Don’t be the sad girl. Nobody likes the sad girl.

4. Friends are more important than “Mr. Right Now”
Let’s face it, not many of us will spend the rest of our lives with the guy we date in college. Instead, concentrate on finding your best friends and your future bridesmaids. Once you have both of those, then you can start hunting for Prince Charming.

Make your college experience about something to remember, not someone you wish you could forget.

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