4 Ways To Spend Time With Your Long Distance Little This Summer


Summer is finally upon us, and unless you have already planned to slave away at a part-time job or an internship, you’re probably planning to do jack-shit and make the most of said laziness. For me, this entails beginning to drink at noon until I pass out with my equally inebriated friends. So what was the first thing I did? Texted my little to get her ass over to my place with enough alcohol to knock out a small elephant. It was only when I received a crying face emoji back that I realized that wouldn’t be possible. I was no longer at school and thus, no longer living five minutes away from my little. It didn’t take long for the horrific revelation that I wouldn’t get to see my little until August, sink in.

After finally pulling myself together, I knew I had to figure out some way to hang out with her without actually hanging out with her. Let me just tell you, the internet is a wonderful thing. So, if you’re in a similar situation, fear not. I’ve come armed with a slew of different activities that you can do with your long distance little over the summer.

Online Shopping

I’m not a huge shopper to begin with but when it’s 90 degrees and humid out, going to the mall is the perfect excuse to get out of the heat. Since your little is too far away to physically go to the mall, plan to have an online shopping day (or days, who am I to judge?). You’re going to want some killer outfits when you return to school in the fall and who doesn’t want to match with her other half? I’m not talking matching onesies but a new set of to die for matching letters will have the rest of the chapter jealous. You can literally spend hours talking on the phone browsing through sites together. Shopping brings people closer together. It’s a scientific fact…probably.


Phones can do so much these days and texting is a thing of the past. Not only do you get to communicate with your little but you get to see her face as much as you want. She may not be able to go on day trips with you but you can bring her along in the form of a phone. It’ll be like she’s almost there with you. See how long you can go without breaking a snap streak or dedicate an entire day to see who can send the best snaps. You’ll have tons of material to work with because you won’t be snapping the same things like you would on campus. Plus, you both can go on more adventures than you would have alone. Sure, maybe you’re not physically in Hawaii soaking up the sun but your little’s snaps make you feel like you are.

Movie Night

Sometimes you just need some down time from all of that drinking and debauchery and what better way to relax than watching a movie with your little via Skype or Facetime. You don’t need to be in the same room as a person to watch a movie with them. This might take a little more planning to get your movies to sync up at the same time but you’re both college students, so I have no doubt you’ll figure it out. Bonus: grab a bottle of wine or liquor and make a drinking game out of the movie and see who can piss their parents or roommates off first.

Private Jet

If all of these aren’t enough for you then hire a private jet to go and kidnap your little. It’s really the only way to fly and she’ll appreciate that you took the time and effort to charter something extremely extravagant for her. While you’re on the jet, you might as well stop somewhere fun along the way, like Vegas or Mexico. This is more of a one-time activity so make the most out of it while you can.

Being away from your little is hard but it doesn’t have to be lonely. Thank God for technology.

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