40 People Explain What They’d Do If They Were The Opposite Gender For A Day

40 People Explain What They'd Do If They Were The Opposite Gender For A Day

Every Friday at work, we have catered lunch, generally accompanied by a little survey question just for funsies. This past week’s question — was “What would you do if you were the opposite gender for a day?” — yielded the funniest answers yet.

  1. Jim Currin: Apply for an ESPY award
  2. Harrison: Get horny dudes to buy all my drinks but not give up the P
  3. Kayla: walk around at night by myself
  4. Veronica: Masturbate, obviously.
  5. Cristina: helicopter dick
  6. Jared Borislow: hail a cab by exposing my calf
  7. Spencer: Thank God this is just a hypothetical, but probably have someone kick me in the nuts because it cant hurt THAT bad, wussies
  8. Juan: *flamboyant voice* Shopping Spreeee!
  9. Rachel P: Probably panic
  10. El Stephen (That’s Spanish for “The Stephen”): I’d finally be able to solve the mystery of whether or not girls actually poop.
  11. BLAKE: Change my name to Caitlyn
  12. Dillon: I don’t know how to keep this answer clean 😐
  13. Rachel H: Cry. Except not, because boys don’t cry.
  14. Andrew: Get free drinks
  15. Nick: Take a selfie.
  16. Rob: I wanna say munch more box than a hungry billy goat in a cardboard factory but the truth is I’d still grab a few drinks or something first.
  17. Kelsey: not do my hair – small thing but that would be awesome
  18. Barrett: Use my sexuality in my favor.
  19. Will deFries: Matthew McConaughey
  20. JCole: Rob a bank?
  21. Joe: Man I can’t wait to see Rob’s answer.
  22. Clint: Get free drinks at the bar
  23. DVD: flick da bean
  24. Ad: boobs
  25. Rhyne: dah fuq?
  26. Phillip: NSFW
  27. Alex: flick my bean
  28. Bennett: damn. what would i do…
  29. Karl: Ask Caitlyn Jenner for advice
  30. Madison: I apologize to everyone in advance for Rob’s answer to this question.
  31. Tasha: take a peek at my temporary weewee
  32. Matt: I can’t write anything here without looking super creepy.
  33. Laurel: pee standing up
  34. Carlos: squeeze my boobs
  35. Jake: guess
  36. Connor: Accept the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPYS
  37. Prim: the same as the person above me
  38. Phyllis: Shave my head
  39. David: McConaughey
  40. Charles: Try to get free drinks

LOL at all these boys who think that every girl gets free drinks.

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