40 Thoughts You Have While Crafting Your Graduation Cap

Grad Cap

  1. This is it. The first step to finally graduating.
  2. I can’t believe I actually made it through college.
  3. That’s why this has to be the best grad cap ever.
  4. Okay, at least the best one in my class.
  5. I wonder if I have enough stuff? Those four hours I spent in Michael’s better be worth it.
  6. Where to start…
  7. I definitely should have planned this out better.
  8. You’d think after four years of crafting, I’d be good at this but nope, I still suck.
  9. Come on, you can do this. Focus.
  10. I wonder if any other girls are crafting their caps. What if I’m the only one?
  11. Is this going to make me look pretentious? Eh who cares, I’m going to look cute.
  12. Oh! I should snap my little! She’ll appreciate this.
  13. Omg, this is the last time I get to spend with my little before I leave!
  14. I’ll schedule a lunch date and a trip to the bar with her.
  15. Make that three trips to the bar.
  16. I really have no idea what I want on this.
  17. Definitely a quote. It’s not a grad cap without a quote, right?
  18. Crap, now I have to find a kickass quote.
  19. Thank god for Google.
  20. I’m hungry. I should have stocked up before I started.
  21. You know, it’s okay. I’ll just take a little break and get a bowl of something.
  22. Ah shit, that break was way longer than I intended.
  23. Why did I think two hours was going to be enough to finish this? Idiot.
  24. Okay, got my quote. So the question is, sparkly letters or regular?
  25. Sparkly, duh.
  26. Mod podge is God’s gift to sorority girls…and hot glue guns. Actually, I need to plug that in.
  27. You know what I need? Wine.
  28. Wait, no. Remember last time you tried to hot glue a craft while drinking? You glued your fingers together.
  29. Wine after the hot glue. It’s a deal.
  30. Look at me being all responsible. This is what being an adult is all about. Responsibility.
  31. Aw it’s looking so good! I need to snap this to everyone. I’m not gloating, I’m just proud of my work.
  32. This might be the last thing I craft. That’s so sad. Do adults not craft? I’m totally going to craft as an adult.
  33. This shit better stay on. I swear if I have to re-glue everything on again…
  34. Alright, almost done. Just a few more finishing touches. Maybe a bow? I already have pearls though. But I saw that cap on Pinterest with the bow and pearls and it was seriously the cutest thing ever.
  35. I’ll just look it up real quick.
  36. Wow okay mine looks nothing like that. Why does nothing ever come out right from Pinterest? It’s supposed to make crafting and baking easy. I should be Martha Stewart by this point goddamnit!
  37. Calm down, you’ll ruin the cap.
  38. I’m so glad I got this done early. I never get things done this early. Again, I’m so responsible.
  39. Yes, it’s done. I have to show my mom, she’s going to love it! And dad, though he’s not going to care but I’ll show him anyway.
  40. Omg, I’m actually graduating.

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