40 Years of Starbucks

As impolite as it is to wish anyone a happy birthday past their 25th, I think it’s important to note a very significant 40th birthday today: the 40th birthday of Starbucks’ House Blend!

That’s right, forty years ago today, the most epic blend of coffee ever created made its debut into the lives of coffee drinkers everywhere. Since then, it’s become quite the celebrity in the java world, as well as the cornerstone for every sorority girl’s favorite coffee chain. The House Blend, of course, has never looked better, and since it’s brewed fresh every single day, I’m guessing it’s had a little bit of work done to defy the odds and appear way younger than its actual 40 years.

I’m just going to come out and say it: I fucking love Starbucks and I don’t care who knows it. I like Starbucks more than I like my dog, or Hannukah, or my boyfriend, and exactly as much as I like Diet Coke. It’s the over-priced elixir of life. We all know there’s nothing better for a hangover than piling into a huge SUV with three to four sisters to grab a bunch of iced venti non-fat (or soy) whatevers with an extra shot of espresso. If you don’t know what it’s like to hold a triple venti non-fat pumpkin spice latte on a cold fall day, you haven’t lived.

Today, it’s important to remember where all of this bliss began: the house roast, which has been hailed as “the best coffee you can buy” by consumers. Of course, you can buy the coffee in whole been or pre-ground varieties, but we all know making your own coffee is for peasants. It’s also available in K-Cup packs, which I guess is okay if you need a fix and you’re too hungover to move or figure out where your car is.

The most important thing to recognize today as you’re sipping on your $5.75 iced coffee perfection is that none of this joy would have been possible without the birthday girl, The Starbucks House Blend.

[via Twitter and Starbucks]

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