41 Things You’re Supposed To Hate But You Absolutely Love

41 Things You're Supposed To Hate

  1. Pinterest Wedding Boards: Boys think you’re crazy, but to be honest, I just like looking at pretty things. Flowers. Dresses. Pastels. Pretty.
  2. Blacking Out: A sign you drink too much or your body is protecting you from embarrassment? Sometimes it’s for the best.
  3. Lots Of Makeup: We lie and say we like a “natural look,” but when you can contour, why wouldn’t you?
  4. Boxed Wine: My palette is not refined. I’m going to drink way too much, so why spend more than $6 to do that?
  5. Cheap Liquor: Same logic. Burnett’s, Castillo, and Kentucky Gentleman are all I need to get by.
  6. Throwing Up: Generally caused by the above. Puke and rally isn’t just a phrase–it’s a way of life.
  7. Tan Lines: When you’re super pale, they are a point of pride, not inconvenience.
  8. Being Gossiped About: What is it they say? Oh, right, haters make me famous.
  9. Rain: Please rain on my parade. It gives me the excuse to skip class and watch movies.
  10. Hangovers: Sometimes I need to be punished for the night before. It keeps me grounded.
  11. “Real Housewives”: Trashy? Yes. Do I still envy them? Yes.
  12. That One Bitch: Everyone has one. You’ll never be friends, but she gives you the competition you need to improve yourself.
  13. My Two-Hour Beauty Routine: Some meditate; I do my hair. It keeps me zen.
  14. Fake Jewelry: I’ll probably lose it at the bar or at a boy’s house.
  15. One Direction: They’re cute and I’m not over *NSYNC.
  16. Booty Calls: I may or may not come over, but glad you’re thinking of me.
  17. Resting Bitch Face: It lets everyone know not to fuck with me, even when I’m in a good mood.
  18. Sweatpants: Forbidden love is the best love.
  19. Miley Cyrus: I respect her game. Keep it weird.
  20. Dad Bodies: Tall, husky, probably has a beer belly. It’s strangely hot.
  21. Drunk Crying: Crying sober is too real. Drunk crying is so basic, but so cathartic.
  22. Read Receipts: I want you to know you’re being ignored.
  23. Being Sick: Soup and “SVU” marathons. When else do you have time for that?
  24. Dumb Majors: When 80 percent of the other comm majors are idiots, you’re already ahead of the competition.
  25. Golf: No, it’s not boring. There’s a reason men love it, ladies. They dress up, drink, and there’s always a little friendly competition.
  26. Dead Cell Phones: It forces you to connect with everyone around you.
  27. Gay Boyfriends: It’s rude of them to use my friends as beards, but I need their opinions on my outfit and the last episode of “KUWTK.”
  28. Hooking Up With GDIs: They force me to talk about something other than Greek life. Plus, I’m prettier than 99 percent of their friends.
  29. Not Being Super Skinny: If I have to give up beer for a thigh gap, I don’t need a thigh gap.
  30. Sluts: They keep life interesting and they don’t give a shit what you think.
  31. Screenshotting: Not sorry. I need them to document my friends’ best and most embarrassing moments.
  32. Being Single: I like my friends more than 99.9 percent of the men I meet. A boyfriend would take too much time away from them, and he probably wouldn’t treat me as well as they do.
  33. Short Hair: When it’s 90 degrees and humid, no one wants waist-length hair.
  34. Being Broke In College: It’s taught me how to budget like an adult. For example, Wet Wednesday at a local dive bar is more affordable than a Friday in D.C.
  35. Unreasonable Heels: Nothing makes you feel like the HBIC like a fierce pair of pumps.
  36. War Movies: Why do guys think we hate action movies? Hot guys, explosions, and patriotism: three of my favorite things.
  37. Pitbull: He’s old and his music isn’t amazing–but nothing makes a white girl get wild like Timber.
  38. Walk Of Shame: It’s a stride of pride, and it gives you time to quietly reflect before your friends demand every detail upon your arrival.
  39. Finals: In my experience, way more time is spent drinking and procrastinating than studying.
  40. Assholes: If you need an explanation, you’ll never understand.
  41. Girls: They may be bitches, but so am I. They’re your partners in crime, your confidants, and when used correctly, your biggest allies.

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