43 Thoughts You Have While Getting A Short Haircut

43 Thoughts You Have While Getting A Short Haircut

  1. Is this a huge mistake? I guess only time will tell.
  2. What do I do with it if there are no messy buns or ponytails involved?
  3. I guess I’ll have to figure out how headbands work.
  4. Fuck, headbands make me look like that meme of the egg with a face.
  5. A pixie cut would look so edgy though if I bleached it platinum.
  6. Wait I can’t do that, I’ll look like a q-tip.
  7. Maybe it would look cool if I did long on the top and short on the sides?
  8. Yes, hi, can I get the Brienne of Tarth please?
  9. No, I can’t bleach it now. It’ll be so healthy when it finally grows out.
  10. Like no heat styling and fewer products, sign me tf up.
  11. Maybe I can just slick it straight back all the time, Draco Malfoy style.
  12. Maybe I can dye it darker, that’s not too bad for it, right?
  13. Will this make me look like Ruby Rose?
  14. Ruby Rose is hot.
  15. I wish I was Ruby Rose.
  16. Will I look too boyish though?
  17. Does this mean I need to overcompensate by wearing super feminine clothes all the time?
  18. Or will everyone be wondering why that dude is wearing heels?
  19. Fuck it, I’ll keep wearing what I always wear.
  20. I’ll look so vogue, holy shit.
  21. Just call me Captain Edgy-Chic.
  22. Shit, what if guys aren’t attracted to girls with short hair?
  23. No way, Keira Knightley once had short hair and she was still hot af.
  24. I guess my face will have to do all the work then.
  25. Besides, fuck what guys think. I’m still hot.
  26. *Actually gets the haircut*
  27. Oh fuck.
  28. Where’s the rest of it?
  29. I’m bald.
  30. Ok not really, but shit this is so short.
  31. How did Charlize Theron and Natalie Portman just casually shave their heads and not freak out?
  32. I look like a little boy.
  33. And a little like Cersei Lannister post-walk of shame.
  34. Jesus. This may have been a bad idea.
  35. *Freaks out to hairstylist*
  36. Wait, so all I have to do is put literally one product in it, muss it around, and it’ll look cool?
  37. That takes five minutes. What do I do for the other two hours of my beauty routine now?
  38. So I can wake up and already have my hair look casual and cool?
  39. This must be how boys feel every day!
  40. Holy shit, maybe this is how they’re on time to everything.
  41. Maybe I can be on time to everything too!
  42. *Is still late to everything*
  43. Some things never change.

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PlattyBlonde is a senior who divides her time responsibly between cheap alcohol, bad boys, and worrying about her hair.

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