46 Reasons Rachel Green Is Your Spirit Animal

46 Reasons Rachel Green Is Your Spirit Animal

It’s hard to believe that Jennifer Aniston turns 46 today. If I look like that when I turn 46, I’ll be very grateful…to my plastic surgeon. However she does it, Jennifer doesn’t look much older now than she did when she started playing everyone’s favorite waitress/fashion executive Rachel Green on “Friends” twenty years ago. So, in honor of the ageless wonder’s birthday, here are 46 reasons that she, as her alter ego Rachel, is our spirit animal.

1. She doesn’t take anyone’s shit.


2. Her bad days are just like ours.


3. She’s very sensitive.


4. She’s always in control of every situation.


5. Yet she doesn’t always make the best choices.


6. She gets really sad when margarita time is over.


7. She knows that it’s okay if someone doesn’t like her.


8. She’s an excellent chef.


9. She’s got great taste in dudes.


10. But it usually doesn’t work out.


11. She knows that sometimes you need a little push (up).


12. When she breaks up with a dude, she means it.


13. And she makes sure he knows why.


14. She knows what you really need for a party.


15. ALL the things you really need for a party.


16. Sometimes she does stupid things when she’s drunk.


17. Really, really stupid things.


18. She doesn’t really like it when people play tricks on her.


19. She’s always happy – and never jealous – when good things happen to other people.


20. No, really, she is.


21. She knows flattery will get you everywhere (and every thing).


22. Even out of traffic tickets.


23. She feels strongly about women’s rights.


24. She’s determined to be independent.


25. And she’s trying really hard to learn how.


26. But she’s not quite ready for grown up responsibilities yet.


27. She’s easily entertained.


28. Sometimes she may say the wrong thing.


29. Or even do something inappropriate.


30. She is NOT a morning person.


31. She goes after what she wants.


32. She may not always understand what’s going on.


33. But she’ll always ask.


34. She knows that being single sucks.


35. And sometimes she doubts the whole dating thing is worth it.


36. Plus, there’s always one guy she can’t get over.


37. Even though she knows she should.


38. She never puts anyone down.


39. She thinks education is important.


40. She knows what holidays are really about.


41. She’s experienced a bad haircut, too.


42. She gets excited over the little things.


43. Sometimes too much so.


44. But most importantly, she knows that at the end of the day…


45. …as long as you have your friends….


46. …everything will be just fine.

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