46 Thoughts That Go Through Your Head When You See Your Ex With A New Girl

Ex Has A New Girl

  1. Scrolling through Instagram blah, blah, blah.
  2. Ugh, of course, Sarah got engaged. Whatever, “like,” keep going.
  3. Ew ugh my ex. Why do I even still follow him?
  5. GO BACK.
  7. Oh my God.
  8. *screenshot immediately*
  9. Who is this girl?
  10. Her name is so weird, what.
  11. Seriously what kind of a name is “Abby”?
  12. So basic.
  13. She looks…decent.
  14. No fuck, she’s pretty.
  15. Ugh and she’s fashionable.
  16. Dammit she’s way prettier than me.
  17. Is this the first pic he’s posted with her?
  18. Of course it is, I would have had this freak out already.
  19. Let’s look at her account.
  20. FUCK private.
  21. So she’s got something to hide.
  22. What sorority is she in?
  23. Do I know anyone in that at her school?
  24. Let’s check Greekrank.
  25. HA bottom tier, that’s what I thought.
  26. Let’s see what my BFF thinks.
  27. Okay solid, she said I’m way prettier.
  28. Which I am, right?
  29. Shut up, of course I am.
  30. Meanwhile, he’s gained weight.
  31. And what the hell is that facial hair?
  32. Clearly he has let himself go.
  33. I wonder what this “Abby” character thinks about it.
  34. Poor thing doesn’t even know what she’s getting herself into.
  35. Current bae is so much cuter.
  36. Maybe I should send this to him so we can LOL together.
  37. Or will I seem crazy?
  38. I’ll probably seem crazy.
  39. Okay I won’t.
  40. I’ll send it to the group text instead.
  41. Phew they all agree I’m prettier.
  42. I knew I had the right friends.
  43. Okay I’m gonna unfollow him now.
  44. ….well…. maybe I’ll give it a little longer.

  45. Just to see if Miss Abby sticks around.
  46. Fuck it, I am crazy.

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