49 Thoughts You Have At Your Summer Job


  1. Why. The fuck. Is my alarm going off?
  2. Oh yeah, I have a JOB.
  3. I don’t even get up this early for class.
  4. At least I’m not hungover, though.
  5. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.
  6. I’m going to actually look nice today.
  7. Lol, yeah, right.
  8. Alright, an eight-hour day isn’t that bad. It’s not like I have anything better to do today.
  9. Okay, it’s not like I have anything better to do that will pay me anyway.
  10. *Calculates how many bottles of wine I can buy with the amount of money I’ll make today.*
  11. Homegirl’s gonna get druuuuunk!
  12. Okay, focus. It’s unprofessional to think about being intoxicated while at work.
  13. Where can a girl get some more coffee?
  14. I’ll only go on Pinterest for five minutes.
  15. Okay, maybe five more.
  16. Is it smart or counterintuitive to online shop at work?
  17. Smart, because technically I’m making money *to* shop right now.
  18. Is it lunchtime yet?
  19. Shit, I have to pee again. I swear I’m quitting coffee next week.
  20. I wonder what my pledge class will think of this really cute skirt I just bought. I should send them a picture.
  21. Oh and my big because she will know exactly which of her tops I can pair it with.
  22. What should I have for lunch today?
  23. Maybe I should make a Twitter poll for it.
  24. No, I’ll just text my best friend she’s good at making my decisions for me.
  25. A marg sounds so good right now.
  26. No drinks with lunch, I know better than to wish for things I can’t have.
  27. HOW is this day only half over.
  28. I suppose five more minutes on Pinterest wouldn’t hurt.
  29. It’s not weird to plan my wedding even though I’m about as close to having a boyfriend as I am to becoming Beyoncé right?
  30. While I’m at it, I should probably tag my roommate in something cute so she doesn’t forget about me.
  31. I love quizzes.
  32. My ex is totally that type of asshole!
  33. Okay, I should get some real work done now.
  34. I’m going to punch you in the face if you ask me to do one more thing.
  35. Praise Jesus, more coffee.
  36. Wow, the guy who just walked in is so hot.
  37. I hope he doesn’t see me staring.
  38. Actually, I hope he does and falls madly in love with me at first sight.
  39. Ugh, I wish my sisters were here to appreciate his beauty.
  40. I miss my sisters.
  41. I really, really miss my sisters.
  42. No, I’m not crying a piece of dust is attacking my eye.
  43. How many days until we go back?
  44. As if I haven’t been counting down for weeks.
  46. Okay, just walk calmly to the car, don’t seem overeager to get out of here.
  47. I should totally go out tonight, I need to drink off the stress of this day.
  48. Who am I kidding? I’m going to binge watch “Gilmore Girls” all night.
  49. Is it Friday yet?

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