4Chan Proposes “Fourth Wave Feminism,” Promotes Sexualization Of Women

4Chan, an online community infamous for sharing Japanese anime images, starting underground movements, and pulling politically incorrect pranks, spammed social media Monday with #bikinibridge. The hashtag was accompanied by photos of woman whose bikini bottoms were suspended between their hip bones. Meant to be the new thigh-gap-esque “thinspiration” for shaming women into exercising more, the hashtag was tweeted over four thousand times. It was reported as a trend by several legitimate news sources.

But this was just the first step in a greater plan hatched on the “random” board of the site, known as /b/. “Operation Fourth Wave Feminism” is a scheme to create a new type of feminism, promoting the “sexualization and attractiveness” of the female body. /b/ hopes to see “feminism” implode and cease to exist when the current feminist movement, supporting healthy body image, battles this new wave that is “pro-sexualization, pro-skinny, and anti-fat.”

I’m guessing none of the masterminds behind this harebrained scheme have ever Googled “feminism” to figure out exactly what it is. Merriam Webster Dictionary defines feminism as “the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.” By this definition -excluding the egregiously archaic, misogynistic minority- I would venture to say that most sane people, whether or not they like the term, are feminists. The creators of this operation want to propagate societal pressure for women to be hot. They can’t actually do anything to limit the rights or opportunities of women. Hate to break it to you, 4Chan, but “bikini bridges” aren’t going to put a dent in the actual feminist movement, whose main initiative is gaining equal pay and fighting gender discrimination.

I’m not even really sure why these guys care what actual women look like, since they mostly get off to cartoon anime girls.

[via Jezebel, Wikipedia]


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