5 Definitive Reasons Why Senior Year Is The Weirdest Year Of College

Senior year

There Is No Such Thing As A “Senior Slack Year.”

Maybe you thought that senior year all you would have to do is take blow-off classes and follow the “C’s get degrees” mentality, but that is 100 percent not true. Unless you have a job going into senior year, you still need to work your ass off. In fact, senior year is ten times harder. Not only do you need to worry about keeping your grades up, but you have the added stress of applying to jobs or grad school, interviews, and trying to make sure you won’t be a not-so-funemployed postgrad. Even if you have already secured a job, some companies’ offers may be contingent upon maintaining a certain GPA. So yeah, if you care at all about your career, senior year may very well be the hardest year of your life.

Half Of Your Friends Are Either Graduated Or They’re Infants.

No matter what, half your friends are in a completely different mindset than you. Your best friends who have graduated have already started their adult jobs and are working 9-5. Even if they are nearby, they are on a completely different schedule than you and can’t be around to play at midnight on a random Tuesday. Your younger friends don’t understand your desire to try and start doing more adult things, like happy hours in postgrad towns and weekend trips that aren’t just about being drunk 24/7. The younger girls still want to go to house parties and dance around in black lights and paint. You’d rather not have to refill your wardrobe every two months and learn to like red wine.

You’re Too Old For Frat Parties.

Throwing it back to your younger days and going to a frat party every now and then can be fun and entertaining senior year, but you can only go sparingly. When you were younger, Wednesday through Saturday was always spent getting shitty in some grimy frat basement. But if you are doing that as a senior, it’s just sad and pathetic. You go to these parties and you see the freshman getting fingered on the dance floor or throwing up in their cup after a too long chug, and you just think there is no way in hell you belong here. You can legally buy alcohol and go to nice bars. You shouldn’t be drinking vodka that comes in a plastic handle and hanging out with people that might not even be 18 yet.

You’re Over The College Bars.

Assuming you had half a brain or older friends, you’ve had a passable fake since at least the second semester of freshman year. By the time you’re a senior, you’ve been going to the same bars for three years straight. You’ve been there, done that, and are so over it. College bars don’t change. They are basically an extension of the frat house, except you can get fancy shots. They are dark, beer stained, shitholes and all you ever do is see the same people over and over again. Literally just forget about meeting anyone interesting or new because that won’t happen at your college bars.

Your Hookup Options Are Limited.

By the time you are a senior, if you don’t have a boyfriend, your options for fuck buddies are extremely limited. The problem is you don’t want to hook up with younger kids, or at the very least, no one younger than a junior. So right away, your options have just been cut in half. Then you have to consider all the people you’ve already hooked up with or dated. You aren’t going to fuck past mistakes, and if you have ex-boyfriends where the relationship ended badly, his entire friend group is out too. There is a very small subset of guys who are age appropriate, aren’t in a relationship, and aren’t an ex. This makes random hookups so incredibly hard senior year. My advice? Buy a really good vibrator.

There are some great things that will happen senior year and you have opportunities for so many new and exciting experiences, but it’s also hard. You are going to spend days flip-flopping between wanting to graduate and never wanting to leave. At times, it can feel like you are being pulled in a million different directions and if you don’t break down and have a panic attack about the future at least once a week, I don’t even want to talk to you.

In the end though, it will all be worth it. You’ll have your best friends, some unforgettable memories, and a degree that will enable you to go out and achieve your dreams. So when it gets hard, just remember that you’ve got this.

And if that doesn’t work, wine and Xanax tend to do the trick.

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