5 Instagrams Every Basic Posts While Studying Abroad

Study Abroad

Every girl should study aboard at some point in her college career. Traveling the world is a life-changing experience, akin to joining a sorority or trying anal. Nothing can ever be the same afterwards. Honestly, I think traveling abroad should be a requirement for graduation. There are way more benefits to it than taking the musical appreciation class you had to take freshman year. Not only does going abroad teach you about other cultures, let you to establish, erm, foreign relations, and finally use the foreign language you took for three years in high school, it gives you the greatest Instagram feed of all time. The number of likes received on an Instagram post from overseas are equal to Bid Day, formal, and your 21st birthday, combined.

1. “Candid” Laughing Pic Overlooking An Amazing City
Fake laughing pics are the staple of every sorority girl’s Instagram feed, and just because you’re in another country doesn’t mean you have to let that trend die. Normal candid laughing pictures show everyone that you are having an amazing time and love life, but fake laughing pics overlooking a cool city show everyone you’re having an amazing time while studying in a much cooler city, and therefore your fake laughter is much better than their fake laughter.

2. Drinking From An Open Bottle Of Wine While Out in A Public Place
Liquor laws in foreign countries are totally different. Not only is the drinking age much, much lower, but they don’t care if you walk around with an open bottle of wine. Take advantage of that while you can, and drink as much wine outdoors as you can. No trip to Europe is complete without faulting your ability to stroll down the street while drinking straight from the lip of a bottle and not get arrested.

3. Tanning On The Beach Or Skiing In The Mountains
While everyone you know from home is doing the exact same thing in the exact same bars they’ve been going to since freshman year, you’re living among some of the world’s greatest vacations spots. No trip abroad is complete without a photo of you laying out on a beach in the south of France or skiing down some of the best slopes in the world. Flaunt the fact that you’re basically living the life of Paris Hilton in the early 2000s.

4. Wrapped in the American Flag
Wrapping yourself in the American flag is the perfect way to remind everyone that just because you aren’t currently on American soil doesn’t mean that you love your country any less. Absence only makes the heart grow fonder. Extra props if you do it while standing in front of the national landmark of some other country.

5. The Classic Tourist Throw What You Know
If you don’t throw what you know in front of some kind of national landmark, did you even study abroad? The classic throw what you know pics tell people everything they need to know. You love your sorority, you’re in a foreign country, and your life literally could not be any more baller than it is. Plus, it’s guaranteed to land you a spot on your sorority’s Instagram page.

Now pack your bags (and your flags) and head across the pond to one of best experiences of your life.

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