5 Justifiable Reasons To Act Crazy

5 Justifiable Reasons To Act Crazy

I don’t even know if I can explain how much I hate it when guys call girls crazy. Using this word in some normal situations, is nothing short of a vast exaggeration. If we ask about an ex-girlfriend one too many times, we’re “crazy,” when really, we just want to make sure we have all the facts straight. If we go through their phones looking for evidence of infidelity, we’re “crazy,” but who in her right mind doesn’t breach on her boyfriend’s privacy? If we discover any information about him through social media, somewhere else on the Internet, or from a secondary source, we’re “crazy,” but you would research anything before committing to it, so I don’t understand why it’s such a big deal that we took it upon ourselves to acquire this perfectly public information. Seriously, it’s beyond unreasonable. With that, here are five completely and absolutely, 100% valid reasons that justify crazy behavior.

1. He Cheats on You

This is just obvious, I don’t care what the circumstances are. Even though staying with a guy who cheats on you makes you a dumbass, I understand that we’re women, and we’re often weak and pathetic forgiving creatures, so it can happen. If, however, he does cheat, he has essentially just given you permission to act exactly as crazy as you please. He broke your trust, in every sense of the word, so it’s permissible to break anything of his that you deem necessary. Dating a cheater gives you the right to do pretty much whatever you want, which is a universal agreement among women.

2. He Breaks Up With You

Ugh. I hate that shit, especially because most of the time he just beat you to the punch, you know? But still. The fact that he did it first just makes your breakup that much worse, and it’s in your nature to turn into the ultimate stalker after it happens. Why did he break up with you? What did you do that wasn’t good enough? What is he doing? Why is he posting pictures partying with your rival sorority? All completely reasonable questions that naturally run through your brain the first week or two after the breakup. Your sisters will constantly nag you once they see the crazy has taken over. Leave him alone. Don’t text him. He’s not worth it. If he texts you, don’t respond. Don’t subtweet him. Stay off social media. All wise words, in theory. But do you listen? Of course not. You’re obsessive, and if you’re set on contacting a boy even after he’s broken your heart, it’s just going to happen, and it’s completely acceptable and understandable behavior (for the most part).

3. He’s Friends With His Ex

Okay, this one is a little tricky, because let’s face it, it’s literally impossible for guys and girls to be friends after they’ve dated. Period. I don’t care how you attempt to explain it to me, it just doesn’t work, and when people say they’re still friends after their relationship, I flat out call bullshit. If they’re still in touch, it means someone is still in love and can’t let go. So what does that mean for you? Well, a number of things. It depends on the degree of their friendship and if they talk on a regular basis. For example, if they started talking more now that he’s dating you, it’s because she doesn’t like that he’s dating someone else (Um, go away, bitch. Bye). Although a lot of guys will be faithful in this situation, beware. You never know what unfinished business might lie between the two of them that could very possibly lead him to the number one reason girls are crazy, infidelity. So in all fairness, if the situation calls for it, going through his phone and asking a few questions here and there might not necessarily be a bad thing. Excessive Facebook/Twitter/social media creeping on this bitch is just implied. Seeing how ugly she is and how dumb her tweets are will probably make you feel better about yourself anyway.

4. He’s Acting Sketchy

Seriously, this is probably the biggest reason girls become psychos. If a boy is acting sketchy, all bets are off. Signs of this include, but are not limited to: holding his phone close to his face when he texts, holding his phone next to his thigh when you’re sitting next to him so you can’t see it, leaving the phone turned face down when putting it down anywhere, refusing to give you his passwords, deleting old conversations, making sure to never log into Facebook around you, and claiming to be certain places when you have genuine reason to believe he isn’t there. If you notice things like these have started to happen, there is no shame in straight up asking him to see his phone. If he has nothing to hide, he should have no problem with proving it. Be prepared, because he will try to turn it around on you, claiming you’re the one being sketchy for not trusting him and obsessing over things. DO NOT FALL FOR IT! Your feelings haven’t come from nowhere, and you’re not just imagining shit because you felt like not trusting him. Women are intuitive, and the majority of the time, if you feel like something’s up, it is. If he’s acting sketchy, it is my firm belief that every girl has the right to do her stalking investigating, until she gets to the bottom of it. He’s just going to have to deal with it.

5. Because We’re Pretty and We Can


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