5 Perfect Careers For Recruitment Rock Stars

5 Perfect Careers For Recruitment Rock Stars

After all of the planning, organizing, and decorating is over and you’ve welcomed a ton of fabulous new members into the never-ending party that is Greek life, you feel really accomplished. Similar to landing an awesome career, a successful recruitment season can give you some serious bragging rights. Speaking of jobs, recruitment can help you develop and practice certain skills that are perfect for several career paths. So for all of you girls out there who consider yourselves the reason you reached quota with no sweat at all, listen up.

Most people are unaware of all of the effort that goes into finding the girls we choose to be our sisters. As women who have been through recruitment–both as PNMs and sisters–we know the whole college-style “Stepford Wives” thing definitely doesn’t happen on its own. The hair, makeup, clothing, and even the conversation are all products of some combination of natural talent and style. Practice and preparation are key, too, and even though the majority of us are absolutely prepared and capable, there are certain sisters who stand out during recruitment. If you’re one of the girls who counts down the days to recruitment and all the excitement that surrounds it, this is for you. Here are five perfect careers for recruitment rock stars.

Public Relations Specialist
As a public relations specialist, your main focus is to create a positive, strong image for your clients. Your responsibilities include building and maintaining professional relationships with critics, bloggers, journalist, and so on via personal, sometimes individual correspondence. You also have to be a social media whiz. Basically, you can handle it if you were a boss during recruitment. If you were the girl who made sure all was in order with your chapter’s image on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram while putting together care packages for the other sororities at your school, this job could be for you.

Wedding Planner
Wedding planners take care of the organizing, coordinating, and design aspects of a wedding under the supervision of the bride couple. Sounds a bit like what happens once your sorority chooses a recruitment theme, doesn’t it? You have to make sure that your house is decorated perfectly, and that each day leading up to Bid Day the decorations are stylish but still fit your theme. If you’re the girl who loves making sure your house legit looks like the Emerald City, yellow-brick road and all, wedding planning may be something to check out.

Marketing Coordinator
Being a marketing coordinator is basically like being a jack-of-all-trades. Not only do you have to have some of the same skills as a public relations specialist, but you also need to add in some event planning skills and the ability to budget. If you’re the girl who keeps tabs on how many trips your sorority makes to the arts and crafts store, makes sure the vendors set up on time, and help make the recruitment chair’s life easier, take a look at a marketing career.

Personal Stylist
As mentioned earlier, we don’t look that good during recruitment without planning, preparation, and spending a lot of time shopping for clothes and accessories. Of course we have that “I woke up like this” flawlessness most days, but that, too, requires planning. With all of the decision making that goes into recruitment, it’s pretty much protocol to trust two or three of the most stylish sisters to decide what everyone should wear during the week. Being a personal stylist just means that you get paid with money instead of with new members to practically do the same thing, but on a much larger scale. We’re talking celebrity styling if you’re really good at it. So if you have an eye for deciding which shade of nude wedges goes best with a teal chiffon shift dress, tackling a personal stylist career could work out for you.

Recruitment Adviser
Recruitment doesn’t have to end after your four years are up. Almost all of the sororities in the Panhellenic community offer career opportunities for alumnae sisters–one of those jobs is being a recruitment adviser. With this career, you’d get to experience the third side of recruitment that few ever see. A recruitment adviser is responsible for overseeing all of the operational aspects during the week, and it can be the ideal career choice for those looking to give back to their sisterhood even after graduation.

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Wine2TheRescue is a legal marketing pro & blogger out of Washington, D.C. but is originally a sorority girl out of Northwest Florida. As a recent graduate and expert twenty-something, she spends most of her time trying to balance her work schedule with her daily required wine intake. It's a struggle she's learning to manage, but nothing she can't lean on her sisters for help with. She is also a contributing writer for Total Sorority Move and Post Grad Problems.

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