5 Reasons Why EVERY Sorority Girl Should Feel Proud


Contrary to popular belief, being in a sorority will never define you. While Standards will attempt to reign you in from time to time, your sorority will never tell you how to act, suggest what you should do, or give you the direction to take your life in. Your Nationals President will never hand down your life goals and your house mother will never tell you that you need a different major. There may be a stereotype associated with being in a sorority, but no one is going to scold you when you break the mold or even reprimand you for changing the stereotype altogether. In all reality, your sorority will create a better version of yourself and give you some of the best qualities that money (although some care to think differently) cannot buy. The best part of a sorority, the part that is almost always forgotten, is what every single sorority girl, nay, sorority woman will gain in the process of Greek life.

This quality may be one of the most prevalent as a member of Greek life. Regardless if you were your chapter’s president or never held a position, you will gain some sort of a knowledge about yourself that will give you the drive to be the best version of yourself before and after graduation. Employers may look at your resume and never know the stress that went into your two years as Homecoming Chair, but once you get into talking about how you were able to command 80 woman into some ridiculous dance routine that looked good enough to have been put together by Rhianna’s personal choreographer, they will understand your determination to take charge of a room and create an unmistakable presence for  yourself. You don’t always have to be the most boisterous voice in a crowd or have the most profound words to share, but you do have the ability to listen to those around you and think in terms of the whole group. Being able to ask yourself what would benefit the entire group is usually the better decision and the true sign of a leader. Sorority women always seem to be a force to be reckoned with and you should be proud that people turn to you as someone who can lead by her personality, not just because of a title she may or may not hold.

Though a sorority is indeed a social group, onlookers often forget the amount of time that is spent doing what college is actually intended for: learning. Regardless of the amount of library hours, study sessions that turned into gossip hours, or countless days of cramming, you will be able to go forth with a higher education which is something that not everyone accomplishes. Think of the statistics of Greeks vs non-Greeks on your campus. How often is the first fact that you tell someone who isn’t in favor of Greek life that the GPA of Greeks compared to non-Greeks is higher? You should be proud of the fact that you are able to put your own talents to developing a greater understanding of the world around you through your education, and then get to do so supported by such a close group of women. It may sound cheesy or even reminiscent of something your parents would say, but an education is so much more than just reading a textbook. Think of how much not just college, but a sorority can teach you. College forces you to rely on yourself, grow as a person, and then take these talents and put them into a real world application. Your sorority will only build off of that by pushing you to do better in your classes, grow amongst your sisters, and then be the very best version of yourself as a student and a sister in the real world. Plus, think about how boring it is study alone. Thank God for study rooms and extra long coffee breaks with your sisters.

I don’t mean this is in the literal sense of the word, but rather in Beyonce’s “We Run The World,” femininity. A sorority gives you the ability to be an empowered woman who can fend for herself. We don’t all have to go to school to get our MRS degree and I assure you, you will do just fine come graduation. You will be able to create your own career, fend for yourself, and be your own person. Your sorority will give you the confidence to make your own decisions and do whatever you put your mind to, whether it’s to become an astronaut, become a television host, or, yes, even find the man of your dreams. You will be strong enough to do follow your passions — and then some. This may all sound, “I am woman, hear me roar,” and it very may well be, but, hell,if women have all the same freedoms as men, why shouldn’t we be able to do exactly what we want in life? The best part about this is that your sisters will stand by you no matter how small or stupid your goals — and be there regardless. I’d like to see someone in the college choir or a random business club have the same support from their peers.

Yes, everyone will assume that since you were in a sorority you are a social butterfly. They will think that you can go out with your peers, have a great time with your friends, and take pride in being a social entity in society. Why take that as criticism? You should be proud that when people look at you, they know that you take value in “work hard, play hard.” People who say that someone’s friendly personality takes away from them being a good person are not the type of people you should be associating yourself with in the first place. Your sorority will guide you to find your social niche and help you crack out from your shell. Look back on recruitment, how many times have you said, “she will be so much fun once she opens up a little bit!” That’s the beauty of a sorority, you are amongst your equals which allows you to grow into your own, let down your hair, and let loose. Be proud that you are able to take advantage of being young and beautiful, it’s a skill wasted by so many of those around you.

The absolute, 100% guaranteed, most wonderful part about being in a sorority is your sisters. You rely on the group that has guided you, nurtured you, and been your absolute rock through your college days and will go on to do so no matter how many years go by. No matter if people can never understand what a sorority means, they will always be able to look at a composite or a Bid Day photo and be astonished by how many women are doing something so much more than just attending college. Sure, the photos may all have matching t-shirts, perfectly pearly white smiles, and great hair, but it is always a crowd of women who want nothing more than to be so much more than just students. There’s a reason that you call members of a sorority ‘sisters’. You are not just a member of an organization. You share a bond that goes back much further than just you and will continue on long after you are long gone. Be most proud that you have found such incredible women to spend some of the most scary/crazy/indescribable moments of your life with, you truly are incredibly fortunate to have found your sisters.


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Babe Lincoln

Babe Lincoln (@Babe__Lincoln) is a contributing writer for Total Sorority Move and spends the majority of her time knocking back Franzia and introducing herself as "the female Johnny Manziel."

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