5 Reasons You HAVE To Make Friends With Girls In Other Sororities

5 Reasons You HAVE To Make Friends With Girls In Other Sororities

One of the greatest things about going Greek is the number of people you meet along the way. Late nights that turn into early mornings are just a little sweeter and a lot more worth the hangover when you are in the company of people you truly care about. While many of our closest college friends also happen to be our sisters, there are others who impact our lives just as much–sometimes even more–who are outside our own organizations. Just because you can’t talk about ritual or your handshake, it doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of other ways you can find forever friends in other sororities.

1. You gain an outside perspective about sorority stuff from someone you trust.
There will be times when you’ll need advice about how to handle some inner-sorority drama, and you’ll want advice from someone who is completely impartial. Your Panhellenic friend will be able to provide good insight for you because she has either been there, or at the very least, she understands what you’re talking about. Nothing is worse than trying to explain what “slating” or “standards” is to a non-Greek friend when you just want to get to the point and start being advised.

2. You expand your network and social circle.
Staying close with friends in other chapters means you get to know their sisters and they get to know your sisters. This can expand your weekend plans tenfold as you find other people to hang out with who enjoy a lot of the same things you do. This can spiral over into everything from getting to know guys your friend’s chapter spends time with to throwing something together to get that mandatory non-alc point. You will easily be able to plan events and find common ground with other Greeks if you don’t seclude yourself from other groups. It is important to stay in touch with other chapters because their opinion of you also forms how your reputation is perceived on campus.

3. Idea sharing actually becomes a thing.
We are all guilty of spending time on social media checking on what other people are up to. Did someone find a great new venue to hold a formal? Might be worth looking into for next year. Did another group find a way to raise a record-breaking amount of money for their philanthropy? Find out how they did it and think of ways to do something similar. Are you trying something completely new that you know someone else has experience doing? Ask questions to a reliable source who will have advice on what (and what not) to do. Compare notes and help each other out to make Greek life on your campus that much better.

4. Date parties, formals, and other hot mess plus one events.
Whether your boyfriend goes to a different school or you are a perpetually single girl who wants a break from the pressure of deciding who to bring as a date, there is always a go-to friend who is waiting for an invite with her flask and a Diet Coke. Your friends will most likely already know her, so it will just be the giant party you were hoping for. No matter the reason, sometimes you just need a fun night out with a good friend to get through the semester.

5. You may not see them as often, which makes it extra special when you do.
For the most part, these friends are the ones who have been around since freshman year before letters were more than just symbols in an alphabet. You do not see them every week at chapter, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t seen you at your worst and at your best. They are friends who take a bit of extra effort to spend time with because they are worth being around. They are the kind who keep your life interesting, because they differ from you in one way or another. You may have been looking for different things in a sorority, but that doesn’t mean you were looking for different things in a friendship.

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