5 Reasons You Should Stay Single Freshman Year


Freshman year is an experience that you won’t ever get again. It’s a hot mess but it’s one you wouldn’t want to miss out on. From your first taste of jungle juice to the hangovers they bring at the PNM meeting you have the mornings after, you’re going to have a blast. With that being said, freshman year isn’t a time for relationships. Staying single all throughout freshman year might be the best decision you ever make.

1. You don’t know these new college guys yet.
Frat guys (or all college guys in general) are a different breed than you’re used to. In high school, you’re around guys you’ve known since kindergarten, meaning you went through your awkward middle school years with them. If that doesn’t tell you everything about a person, I don’t know what will. In college, you’re surrounded by frat guys who you don’t know very well and have no clue as to who they are as a person. They might act all sweet and innocent at first, but trust me, if you wait a couple of months, you’ll see who they really are. You’ll be grateful when it turns out that the really cute guy from your first mixer turned out to have an awful GPA and an even worse record when it comes to never calling girls after a hookup.

2. You’ll be holding yourself back from meeting new people.
Dating your freshman year will hinder you from the freshman experience. Having a boyfriend will mean you want to spend the majority of your time with the same person you already know. Freshman year is THE time to meet new people. Never again in your life will people your own age be shoved out of the nest and thrown into the “Hunger Games” of friendship. People will have no judgment when you ask the girl you have a slight spark in conversation with on the elevator to come watch movies and gossip about the girl on the 6th floor who’s already been kicked out of the dorms after only two weeks of college. EVERYONE IS DOING IT. And hey, that girl in the elevator may turn out to be your best friend…or the psycho roommate from the 6th floor that got her roommate kicked out. Guess you’ll just have to find out.

3. You’ll hold him back from meeting new people.
This could be taken in two different ways. Just as this will be a major time for you to bond with your new sorority sisters, this will be a major time for him to bond with his new bros. But also, a lot of boys come into college with a vision of themselves surrounded by girls in a king sized bed. When you end up in his dorm asleep in his twin sized bed every other night, you also end up cramping his idea of what his freshman year should look like.

4. Relationships can affect your grades.
College is a HUGE adjustment from high school. From learning time management and adjusting to the much harder curriculum to Friday morning classes turning into the day that your professor announced a major change to the test on Monday, but all you have is a blurred memory of being in a classroom with an awful hangover from bar night and praying you won’t puke all over the FIJI sitting in front of you. Everyone tries to tell you this, but no one will never understand to the full extent until they start classes. Oh, and then you want to throw a relationship into the mix? Bad idea.

5. If things do end badly, so will all the friendships with his fraternity brothers you worked hard to acquire over the course of the relationship.
If the relationship sinks with as big of a splash as the one with that took down “Titanic,” you can be sure your newly acquired ex won’t want to see your face at parties, which means if he has the power (and he does) to get you blacklisted from his fraternity for the time being, then he will. No guy wants to see his ex-girlfriend hanging around his fraternity house all the time. You’ll have to find a new frat to call home, and that’s no easy task.

Consider these things before you pressure your high school boyfriend or consistent freshman year hookup into a relationship. Trust me, you’re better off without him. 

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