5 Things To Look For When Choosing The Perfect Big

Big Little

Ah little season. I’m sure as a young, naive new member you have no concerns about getting a big. Much like the presents that magically appear and the texts from sisters asking you to hang out all of the time, you assume the perfect mentor is just waiting for you. And chances are, she is. For you, this is one of the most magical times of being in a sorority. You’re new, exciting, and everyone wants to get to know you.

And while it seems like the selection process is out of your control, you’re the one in charge. So before you make a list of potential bigs, be sure to figure out what it is you’re looking for. Nothing is worse than realizing that your big is the total devil after she pops out of a decorative box. Except maybe being a GDI.

Social Media Isn’t Everything

Your Bid Day buddy posted a picture of the moment you ran into her arms? Awwww. Your dolphin buddy Snapchatted the two of you eating big slices of pizza? S’cute. That sister you met in class tagged you guys together on Facebook? Adorbs. Every single little-thirsty sister is going to social medial the shit out of you. It’s like when you post #MCMs of your bf. You’re not doing it because you love him. You’re doing it because you want the other bitches to back off. During little season it’s no different. I’m not saying it’s not great that you’re the star of everyone’s Insta-feed. Just know that it’s not going to last and it doesn’t mean anything. Look beyond the likes. Trust.

Make Sure You Like Her Sober

One of the best things about being an eligible little is that everyone wants you. Much like the hottest girl at the bar, sisters will  go out of their way to please you. Sure, they’re not supposed to provide you with alcohol, weed, and sober drivers, but that doesn’t mean that they wont. And I’m not saying you shouldn’t enjoy it. These bitches will provide endless wine nights if it means they might make it on your list come decision time. Just make sure that you hang out with potential bigs sober, too. You might find that some of the girls who aren’t getting wasted every night would be better mentors. Or not. Just don’t rule them out before you get to know them sans vodka.

Her Friends Will Become Your Friends

When you get a big, you don’t just get a big. You get her friends. Her boyfriend. Her roommates. And her enemies. Make sure to spend time with all of the important people in her life before you decide she’s the one for you. You might find out that her best friend dated your ex, or that her longterm bf is a total tool. Just because you love this girl, it doesn’t mean you’ll love the people in her life.

Check Out That Line

Just like with her friends, you’ll also get this girl’s family. Spend time with all of them before committing to her. Are they a family full of exec members? Partiers? Do they live in house? Off campus? See what they’re like and if you’re cool with them before posing for fam pics. It sucks to be stuck in a family who’s off getting high every day, when you’re anti-drugs. Every family is different. And some of them suck. Pick one of the good ones.

Is She Your Friend Or Is She Your Person

One of the best things about being in a sorority is that you have tons of sisters just dying to be friends with you. You’re not going to be besties with everyone, but chances are you will find a few true friends in there. But just because you’d be amazing friends, it doesn’t mean you’ll be an amazing big little pair. Figure out what you’re looking for. A friend? A mentor? A drinking buddy or an inspiration? Be sure to figure out if she’s a great person, or your person, before putting her on your list.

So if you’re totally freaked out, just know that no matter what, you’re going to have a big who absolutely loves you. And if for some reason she doesn’t? There are tons of other girls just as excited to have you as a sister. And hey, at least you’ll get a shitton of presents and free drinks. That’s got to count for something.

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