5 Things You Should Know If You Just Joined A Sorority


  1. The girls you will soon call sisters are genuinely excited to meet you. We spent days recruiting and weeks preparing– and we have the blisters from our recruitment wedges to prove it. Our new members are our legacy. When we look at you we see the future faces of our chapter, so we want to form a sincere bond with you.
  2. If the sorority you received on Bid day wasn’t your first choice, remember to give the chapter a chance. They saw something in you that they loved during recruitment. That felt you were worthy of being their sister. Give yourself a chance to love them, because in giving you a bid they made a promise to love you.
  3. Just because you got a bid, doesn’t guarantee you’ll be initiated. Recruitment was the stiff and formal first date. We decided we liked you then, but your new member process is the second date. Now we want to get to know you, make sure we can bring you home, and eventually leave our Chapter in your hands. Be yourself, be respectful, and always remember we are an organization meant to empower women, not a DD service or matching website for women looking for eligible fraternity men.
  4. Getting a big is the most magical thing in the world, but you’ll only get one you love and connect with if you make a real effort to spend time with your new sisters. It’s virtually impossible for you to meet your person if you’re not introducing yourself and getting your name out there. I promise the biggie to your smalls exists, you just have to put in the time to find her.
  5. Go to your new member meetings– this is where you meet the women you’ll share the next four years of your life with. Its vitally important that you know and like them. You obviously don’t have to love everybody, but some of these girls will be a friend to confide in and a shoulder for you to cry on. They’ll be the reason your sorority experience was something you’ll never forget, and the reason it will one day be so hard to see it end.

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