5 Truths About Going To A Mostly Male College

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I go to an engineering college. So naturally, it’s full of boys. In fact, nearly 75% of the students are male. Upon first thought, going to a school full of boys who are about to be money-makers seemed awesome, and it is, but it was a complete culture shock. I thought I knew everything about boys because I grew up with an older brother, but after a year at this school, I realized I did not.

1. Not Every Guy Will Be All Over You
When people learned about my college choice, all they said was, “guys are going to be falling all over you” or “you’ll have no trouble finding that MRS degree.” I believed it until I got there. I thought the guys would kiss the ground I walked on and put their jackets over puddles so I wouldn’t ruin my shoes. Not even close. Sure, I probably get more guy attention here than I would at a larger, more diverse university, but not as much as I expected. Just like everywhere else, you’re not going to like every guy, and not every guy is going to like you.

2. You Might Have More Guy Friends Than Girl Friends
In a school where almost three-fourths of the population is male, it’s inevitable that you’re going to make guy friends, unless you’re a total bitch. Having guy friends is important. They can kind of be like your older brother, except you’re more comfortable talking about your sex life with them.

3. Be Friendly To Every Girl You Meet
It’s pretty obvious that some girls at my school are a little stuck-up about being one of the few females. There aren’t that many of us, so we have to stick together. The last thing you want is to have zero girl friends because who is going to eat a whole pint of Ben and Jerry’s and cry with you during movies? Engineering boys? Yeah fucking right.

4. You Have To Be “One Of The Guys” Sometimes
On nights when I would hang out with just my guy friends, I had to let go of any girly shit that was bugging me, and relax. They liked hanging out with me because I wasn’t boring them to death with gossip or makeup tips. To them, I was just another guy.

5. Looking Good For Class Isn’t Necessary
Guys aren’t very good at noticing details. They only see like five different colors and won’t notice if you missed a spot while straightening your hair. Hell, they may not even notice if you go to class that day. Don’t get the notion in your head that you need to look super nice to impress all the guys on campus. Chances are, they probably won’t notice unless you walk into class naked.

Well, at least I have a big selection.

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