51 Signs You’ve Fallen Totally, Completely, Madly In Love


It happens to the best of us. One second you’re dancing on bars, swearing you’ll be single forever. You’re taking shots and cursing people in relationships. And then it happens. He happens. When you kiss him, it’s different. When you’re with him, it’s different. You’re different. And suddenly you find yourself curled up against him on a Saturday night, watching Netflix and eating pizza (which he purchased) instead of making out with randoms and drunk texting exes. And that’s when you realize:

This is what being totally and completely, 100 percently in love with someone is like. Crazy, right?

  1. Everything makes you think of him.
  2. And I do mean literally ev-er-y-thing.
  3. Like when the main character in a dumb show does something totally romantic and unrealistic.
  4. Or when you see a dog that you want to steal.
  5. Or a baby. Same thing.
  6. Your Pinterest wedding board has his name allllll over it.
  7. And worse yet, you’re totally not embarrassed about it.
  8. Chances are, he’s seen it and didn’t run away from you, dick out and screaming.
  9. You two finish each other’s — well, you know.
  10. Because you’re pretty much always thinking the same thing.
  11. The amount of inside jokes the two of you have is actually absurd.
  12. And you find yourselves laughing at dumb things that no one else understands.
  13. When you think of “home” you think of his place.
  14. Which is now basically your place.
  15. You’ve stopped looking at other guys.
  16. Which is crazy because you used to love looking at guys.
  17. But now? You think he’s the hottest one.
  18. Okay. Maybe he’s not the hottest, but you’d take him over some sculpted douchebag any day.
  19. Going out isn’t as fun as it used to be.
  20. Because you know who you’re going home to/with.
  21. And putting up with guys hitting on you is just exhausting.
  22. When something hilarious, or devastating, or just fascinating happens, he’s the first person you want to tell.
  23. And he always knows exactly what to say.
  24. He’s not afraid of how often you cry. Which is a lot.
  25. And he doesn’t make fun of you when you start sobbing over emotional commercials.
  26. Okay. He makes fun of you a little bit. But still.
  27. You’ve thought about your names together.
  28. And your monogram.
  29. And yes, you’ve been mentally calling yourself “Mrs. Whoever” for an embarrassing amount of time.
  30. You look at him the way you look at your food coming at you in a restaurant.
  31. Because whether you’ve been apart for an hour or for weeks, you always get excited to see him.
  32. You’re on texting terms with members of his family.
  33. And you almost love them more than you love him. Almost.
  34. You officially have joint custody of his shirts.
  35. Same thing goes for his jackets, his boxers, and his food.
  36. You listen to him talk about really dumb shit without rolling your eyes.
  37. Things like fantasy football.
  38. Whatever video game he’s playing that’s keeping you from watching Say Yes To the Dress.
  39. Back and bi days versus chest and tri days.
  40. And you do things with him that you sort of hate.
  41. Like watching boy movies.
  42. And giving blow jays.
  43. You feel relaxed when you’re around him.
  44. And not the “relaxed” that you feel when you’re with your friends or your parents.
  45. You feel like you don’t have to put on a show or be exactly perfect.
  46. And makeup? Yeah, that isn’t a thing you worry about in the morning. Or at all. Because he actually thinks you’re beautiful without it. Like, actually.
  47. You walk around in sweatpants, and no pants, in front of him and feel totally comfortable.
  48. And he walks around naked way, way more than is appropriate.
  49. You never thought you’d be one of those people who says “my boyfriend is my best friend,” but you find yourself thinking of him like that.
  50. Because no matter what you do, a day with him is the most perfect day.
  51. And you can’t imagine sharing your food, your apartment, or your life with anyone else.

Ugh. Aren’t we the worst?

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Rachel Varina

(yeahokaywhat) Aspiring to be the next Tina Fey, Rachel spends her free time doing nothing to reach that goal. While judging people based on how they use "they're" vs. "there" on social media, she likes eating buffalo chicken dip, watching other people's Netflix, and wearing sweatpants way more than is socially acceptable.

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