53 Awesome Things That Happen When You Stop Giving A Shit About What Other People Think

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As our girl Elsa would say, just let it go.

  1. You eat whatever you want.
  2. Whenever you want.
  3. And as much as you want.
  4. You wear sweatpants to the grocery store because it’s your life and they feel great.
  5. When that jealous bitch is being a bitch, you let her know that she’s being a jealous bitch. Bitch.
  6. It doesn’t matter if it’s cool or lame. You do the things you love, from crafting to comic book conventions.
  7. You smile a lot more.
  8. If you don’t like monograms, you don’t get things monogramed.
  9. You don’t waste your time on shitty friends because you cut out the toxic people in your life.
  10. And you 100 percent don’t waste your time on douchebag boys.
  11. You karaoke. Even if you can’t sing. You karaoke.
  12. And I know, karaoke is dumb. But fuck you, who cares?
  13. You dance on elevated surfaces.
  14. A lot.
  15. You don’t feel guilty about the “guilty pleasures” you have.
  16. “Twilight” was a fun read, so sue me.
  17. You’ll return that gift you didn’t like.
  18. You get the job that you want to get, be it a CPA, a Hooters girl, or nothing at all.
  19. You’ll have that cupcake, thanks.
  20. You have much better sex.
  21. You realize that people move on and he’ll get a new girlfriend. That’s okay. It’s all part of life.
  22. Carbs are delicious and you know that and you love that and you eat them.
  23.  But if you don’t want carbs, you don’t eat them and you don’t feel pressured by your fatass friends.
  24. You feel the way YOU feel and not how other people think you should feel.
  25. You respect your parents, but you won’t live your life for them.
  26. You wear granny panties sometimes, because thongs every day do not make for a happy life.
  27. You forgive, but hell will freeze over before you forget.
  28. You go on road trips.
  29. You don’t compare yourself to others.
  30. Okay, well you try not to compare yourself to others.
  31. You don’t feel like you need to wear makeup to the gym.
  32. But if you want to wear makeup, you do it with pride and walk past all the haters with a “peace, bitches” smile.
  33. You aren’t afraid to wear a cat sweater every now and again.
  34. You don’t spend hours reading into every. possible. meaning. of. a. text.
  35. You know that sometimes “K” just means “K.”
  36. You skinny dip.
  37. You skinny dip even if your stomach isn’t toned and your legs have cellulite.
  38. You’ll make the first move with the hot guy at the bar.
  39. You lick the bowl, because there is some really delicious stuff on the bowl.
  40. Yes, you’ll try that new game and learn that new skill even if you look silly in the process.
  41. You don’t apologize for saying no.
  42. But you say “yes” to so many more opportunities than “no.”
  43. You kiss people.
  44. When you don’t know about the topic people are discussing, you ask instead of pretending.
  45. You realize that boys are just people.
  46. You don’t need approval to wear something, to talk to someone, or to sleep with someone.
  47. You don’t triple text out of insecurity.
  48. But you do triple text if you’re being disrespected, because, uh, “nobody puts baby in a corner.”
  49. You’ll cry when you want to cry because you have a lot of feelings.
  50. You can admit that you’ve had too much, that you shouldn’t drive home, and that you need help.
  51. You love America, Kate Spade, bows, Lilly, tequila shots, and football because you ACTUALLY love them.
  52. You hate America, Kate Spade, bows, Lilly, tequila shots, and football because you ACTUALLY hate them.
  53. Except America. You don’t hate America.

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Rachel Varina

(yeahokaywhat) Aspiring to be the next Tina Fey, Rachel spends her free time doing nothing to reach that goal. While judging people based on how they use "they're" vs. "there" on social media, she likes eating buffalo chicken dip, watching other people's Netflix, and wearing sweatpants way more than is socially acceptable.

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