54 Things You Really Need To Thank Your Best Friend For

Thank You Best Frined

  1. For listening to you talk endlessly about the same guy and the same situation over and over (and over) again.
  2. Then for honestly telling you that he’s not worth your time, and that you can do so much better.
  3. For accepting you as part of her family and loving your family as her own.
  4. For advising you when you shouldn’t take another shot.
  5. But for tossing one back with you anyway.
  6. For making you an embarrassing picture collage every single birthday.
  7. And for not being a complete bitch when you fill hers up with blackmail photos.
  8. For never making you feel ugly when you’re sporting sweats, last night’s makeup, and super greasy hair.
  9. Then agreeing to change if you think she looks too cute.
  10. For forgiving you when you forget to text her back.
  11. But for having no problem contacting you nonstop until you respond.
  12. For always giving you a bite of whatever she’s eating.
  13. Actually, for accepting the fact that you won’t even ask, and you’ll just take a bite.
  14. For letting you use her shampoo, conditioner, and razor when you shower at her place.
  15. And for not giving you shit when you put your stray hairs on her shower wall, because honestly, you can’t tell whose are whose anymore.
  16. For hating all the same people you hate.
  17. And for saying that you’re prettier than his ex, even if it’s a total lie.
  18. For never getting tired of quoting all of the same movies as you do.
  19. And for laughing like crazy every time you put on Bridesmaids.
  20. For forgiving you when you don’t listen to her advice.
  21. Then for not saying “I told you so,” but drying your tears instead.
  22. For spending hours deciphering each and every text you get.
  23. And for coaching you on the perfect response to give.
  24. For “no judgement” being the core of your entire friendship.
  25. And for practicing that every day.
  26. For spending hours talking about your future wedding, no matter how far off it is.
  27. And for knowing without words that she’ll be standing up there with you.
  28. For picking up food and surprising you with wine.
  29. For always being down for a cheese-filled, chocolate-covered, carb-stuffed night.
  30. For being honest about how your hair actually looks.
  31. Then for doing everything in her power to make it look better.
  32. For knowing just what to say.
  33. And for knowing when you don’t want her to say anything at all.
  34. For always having a place in her plans, her bed, and her heart for you.
  35. Then letting it slide when you cancel plans, sleep at your boyfriend’s, and make more room in your heart for others.
  36. For those triple-chinned Snapchat pictures that you’ve both gotten really good at.
  37. And for not instantly screenshotting them (okay, maybe one or two).
  38. For being cool with the fact that you no longer have separate wardrobes.
  39. For not holding it against you when you return stuff dirty, stained, or with a little less dignity.
  40. For being skeptical of each and every guy who comes into your life.
  41. But for letting you know when you’ve finally found a great one, and accepting him fully.
  42. For running all of your errands with you.
  43. And for making them much more fun than they would ever be alone.
  44. For being by your side during the hardest moments of your life.
  45. And for doing whatever she can to make things easier for you.
  46. For not making you feel like you always need to be entertaining.
  47. For spending just as much time ignoring you for her phone as you do for yours.
  48. For loving you like a sister, whether you share letters, blood, or a true, sincere friendship.
  49. For being able to tell that she will always, always have your back.
  50. For forgiving and forgetting.
  51. For retaking the picture because you didn’t like how you looked.
  52. And for automatically giving you “your side” because it’s become a habit.
  53. For immediately getting emotional when she sees you sent this to her.
  54. And for thinking each and every one of these things about you, too.

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Rachel Varina

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