6 Completely Rational Reasons To End A Friendship


The older you get, the more meaning there is to your friendships. Gone are the days you could remove a girl from your circle just for wearing the wrong shade of pink or looking at your crush for too long. Now, if you actually take the time to build up a relationship with someone, it takes a lot more to kick them to the curb. It can often be difficult to drop someone you’ve been close with for so long. You find yourself sticking around hoping things get better, but they never do. Rest assured there are certain reasons it’s perfectly fine to end a friendship, no matter how long you’ve had it.

1. She’s often too judgmental.
It kind of seems like this girl has a snarky comment for every story you’ve ever told her. She doesn’t understand the concept of “being human” and living and learning. Getting too drunk or failing a test are all cases for her to give you a talking to. But you’re not a basket case and you don’t deserve to be treated like one every time you mess up a little. This girl is holding you to standards that she doesn’t even hold for herself. Do yourself a favor, and befriend someone who knows it’s okay to fuck up every once and a while.

2. She’s a little too flirty with your man.
You have no problem with your friends being close with your boyfriend. In fact, that makes things a whole lot easier when you want to hang out with all of them at once. But if this girl is putting the same moves on him that she puts on men at the bar, cut her off. She shouldn’t be twirling her hair while talking to your guy, complimenting his body, touching his arm or anything like that. Mark you territory and send her packing.

3. She always act like you “owe” her.
In a good friendship, you owe each other constantly. One of you buys the takeout that week. One of you cleans up the apartment. It’s an unwritten BFF rule to look out for each other and make both of your lives easier whenever possible. So if you ever find yourself in a situation where the favors feel completely one-sided, vacate the premises. If you’ve bought this bitch fro-yo the past seven times in a row and she hasn’t even hinted at returning the favor, bye-bye.

4. She’s quick to ask for advice, but slow to give it.
One of the many reasons it’s important to have friends is for free counseling, am I right? When you’ve had it up to here with your most recent fling and just need someone to tell everything to, you grab a bottle of Moscato and head straight to your friend’s house. But if you get there and feel like you’re talking to a wall that’s just waiting for you to shut up so she can tell you her problems, you’ve got bigger issues than the boy. Don’t put up with people that don’t know how to listen to you and offer their guidance. Even if their advice sucks, it really is the thought that counts.

5. She’s the reason everyone knows your business.
There’s nothing quite like only telling one person your deepest, most regrettable secrets and suddenly hearing them spoken out of a different person’s mouth. Confiding yourself in someone only to have them not respect it is one shitty feeling. If you made it clear that your thoughts were not to be shared and this lady didn’t follow the rules, you bet your butt you can find a better friend than her.

6. You’ve caught her in a lie.
Pretty self explanatory. Sure, it might just be one lie, but in my experience, lying is contagious. What starts out as a little “I didn’t borrow your shirt” can easily develop into “I didn’t sleep with your boyfriend.” Run while you can. Like some wise person once said, if she fools you twice, shame on you.

Plain and simple, don’t put up with any bullshit when it comes to friendships. Your peace of mind and sanity always comes first. I know it can be hard to imagine your life without someone initially, but in time you’ll have found someone else much more worthy of your friendship. After all, who wouldn’t want to be friends with you?

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