68-Year-Old Woman Arrested For Public Sex In Retirement Community

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You know how they say Greek life can’t last forever? Yeah, they lied. Imagine a resort filled with free flowing alcohol, golfing, dancing, everyone driving around flashing each other on golf carts and, naturally, orgies. AKA, a Greek’s paradise. Well, It exists. It’s just outside of Orlando, Florida. And it’s called, “The Villages.”

Now, before you cancel your upcoming Fall lease, you need to take a moment to make sure you have your affairs in order. And by that, I mean you need to take about 30 years. This party village that is the scandalous star all over the news is a retirement community for retired folks ages 55+. It’s been called “The Disney Land for Old People,” and that it is. But instead of amusement park rides, these old birds are riding each other.

In true party-girl fashion, a frisky 68-year-old named Peggy Klemm was arrested for having public sex. In the town square. With a man 19 years younger than her. Who is not her husband. Mrs. Klemm was found with her cougar bait being nailed against a shack. After being asking to stop, police arrived 10 minutes later to break up the romp session. You have to hand it to the guy for not only having drunken sex (a feat most young guys can’t do), but to last OVER 10 minutes. No wonder she was cheating on her husband. This guy seems like a total tom cat in the… well…shack.

The best part is, this is NOTHING new to the retirement community. In a place where drinking starts at 4pm, folks are known to have sex, well, just about anywhere. And with anyone. These people have been known to do the dirty just about anywhere: golf carts, cabanas, and in their friends’ houses. With about 4 other couples. Yeah. Old people orgies. Digest that for a second.

Unfortunately, infidelity could be an issue in this party town and our girl Peggy is no outlier. According to “Mail Online News” there are about 10 women to every man and these ladies have to be on their game to keep their husbands in line. And in their bed. With fitness centers dotting the entire property, these are some hot GMLFs. While Peggy isn’t the only partier in the area, she’s definitely stirred things up in the community. Literally.

Because this is America and because these people know how to have a damn good time, in light of the new criminal activity at the Village’s, proper measures have been taken to ensure this type of behavior doesn’t happen again. And by that, I mean they have created a drink in honor of our sex-bot granny entitled: “Sex on the Square.”

Bravo, “The Villages,” bravo.

I’ve heard of this “Disney Land for the Oldies” before. Hell, I have family members who live there and have visited on multiple occasions. Little did I know the extent of just how much I want to live there when I’m older. It’s like a never ending social. Except then you’ll have money, have passed menopause, and standards (both personal and Greek) will be a thing of the post. I just think that when I move in in about… 33 years, I’ll be sure to disinfect like, everything.

[via Daily Mail]

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