69-Year-Old Republican Leader Thinks Delta Gammas Have “Very Nice Butts”

69-Year-Old Republican Leader Thinks Delta Gammas Have "Very Nice Butts"

This past weekend was Mizzou’s Homecoming game. It was your average homecoming. People woke up early and got ridiculously drunk. Alumni relieved the glory days. I think some football might have even been played. Oh, and a 69-year-old GOP activist, chairman of the Columbia Pachyderm club, and former Missouri republican candidate for state legislature tweeted hip, young, lingo.

VNB’s? It means very nice butts. He thinks the Delta Gammas have very nice butts. TSM.

Generally when we say we’re looking for old money, we don’t mean a guy who is old with a lot of money, but if the condom fits, am I right? Berry confirmed to the Columbia Tribune that he was intending to compliment the girls:

“She said, ‘All those girls are wearing these nice sleek pants, but I think in our day we were in better shape,’ ” Berry said. “I said, ‘No, we weren’t. You can tell by the way they are walking. You can see all the muscles there.’”
“VNB” was a comment “on their obvious athletic build,” Berry said.

People, particularly Mizzou’s College Democrats, are none too pleased. They’ve demanded that Berry be removed as chairman, and that the club be banned from all homecoming activities, henceforth, which seems excessive, but unsurprising.

They do have VNBs, though.

[via River Front Times]

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