7-Eleven Will Deliver A One-Night Stand Gift Bag To Your House

7-11 Will Deliver A One Night Stand Gift Bag To Your House

7-Eleven isn’t like a regular convenience store, it’s a cool convenience store. If you’ve ever gone home with a guy and started getting all hot and heavy in the sack, only for him to casually mention he’s out of condoms, you know how much of a major buzzkill it is. Your eyes roll into the back of your head and you start to wonder if it would be easier to just go home at this point. If he’s an idiot, he might try to use this convenient occurrence to go bareback, but you’re smarter than that, right? Right.

7-Eleven is making it easier for couples to get it on while using protection with their new Date Night pack (official date not necessary for purchase). They partnered with Door Dash, an online delivery platform, to bring everything you need – and more- for a hot and steamy sex sesh, right to your doorstep.

From Slider News:

The global convenience store chain promises to get everyone in the mood on Saturday nights with its Date Night Pack — a tub of Ben & Jerry’s chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, a Hershey’s chocolate bar, a can of Red Bull, an 18-piece pack of Trident gum and a three-pack of Trojan Ultra Thin condoms.

The kit only costs $20, plus a $2 service fee. If you insist to your gentleman caller that you won’t have sex without it (which you should), he’ll gladly shell out the $22, plus maybe a little extra to tip for the delivery guy that’s responsible for him getting laid tonight.

In addition to the Date Night Pack, 7-11 is coming out with a hangover pack, which includes extra-strength acetaminophen, a 25-ounce fruit punch Gatorade, a large pepperoni pizza and a smoked turkey and pepper jack sandwich for only $15. I’m not even hungover and I would want that delivered to my doorstep right now.

They also have a $25 Gameday pack, if you’re into that sort of thing, and a $20 Sniffles pack, for when your roommate is out and you can’t guilt her into going to the store for you.

The cheapest bundle is the Endurance pack, which includes a 1.93-ounce 5-Hour Energy Extra Strength, a Clif Chocolate Chip Bar and one of either a Monster energy drink, a 12-ounce RedBull energy drink or a 16-ounce Rockstar energy drink.

The gift bag deliveries are only available in parts of New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, with plans to expand to Washington D.C. and Boston soon. They plan to extend this service to other cities later on. 7-Eleven spokeswoman Margaret Chabris says that the delivery service will “redefine convenience,” which means that we never have to leave our house for anything again, ever.

Sounds good to me.

[via Slider News]

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