7 Instagram Photos You Will Definitely See This Fourth Of July

Fourth Of July Instagram

The Fourth of July is on a Friday, which is not only good for America, but it’s an Instagrammer’s dream. The point of Instagram is to make people jealous of your life through various filtered photos, but it’s also important not to bleed the feed. As my grandmother once told me, “don’t ‘gram your life away.” Here are our favorite #FourthofJuly Instas.

1. Americana Overload: Denim cutoffs with a crop top or loose tank top, beachy, carefree* hair, sun kissed cheeks, and a beer in hand. The beer is strictly a PFG (prop for ‘gram). You’re obviously drinking vodka soda. There should be an American flag proudly displayed in the background as you wistfully laugh, but only post candid pictures. Put on Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” or “Dancing in the Dark” (live 1975-1985 edition) and see the spirit of America translate to your photo.

*You probably spent 45 minutes trying to get that carefree look. A curling rod works great for this.

2. Geotag City Bitch: This is an optimal weekend to throw down a geotag to let people know how much closer to the water you are than they are. Maybe it’s watermelon on the beach in Montauk, a cute dog wearing an American flag bandana in Cape Cod, or a surfboard in Santa Monica (#surfbort). As the saying goes, “it’s not the destination, it’s the Instagram.” If you’re not going somewhere geotag worthy, check into Blessedville, USA, because we are all #blessed to be living in this glorious nation.

3. Barbecue: This is the one day of the year when even your “vegan” sisters ‘gram the burger, because it’s the chicest thing to ‘gram. #BabesEatingBurgers is the #HotDogLegs of 2014. Here’s how: Instagram yourself eating a burger.

4. Popsicle Or Ice Cream With Sprinkles: This ‘gram brings back fun, loving memories of watching fireworks as a kid with your cousins and siblings and barbecuing in Mom and Dad’s backyard, catching fireflies. This gives you the freedom to get sentimental, you know, like, “throwback to the Fourth of July as a kid.” Isn’t that what this very nation is built upon? The notion of freedom, my country ’tis of thee, sweet land of liberty?

5. Couples: Nothing says young, summer love like the Fourth of July. Getting carelessly drunk together then cuddling up on a blanket to watch the fireworks–you don’t even realize how much you’re smiling until you look over and he’s smiling and looking right back at you. You giggle ever so adorably, then he brushes your hair out of your face and kisses you ever so softly. LOL, JK, I GOT THIS FROM A ROM COM. But hey, you can’t start a fire without a spark.

6. Patriotic Swimwear: If I need to explain this one, I question your patriotism.

7. Fireworks: I mean, I will say this is kind of a cliché, but whatever. Odds are, you’ll miss them because you’re having so much fun (AKA getting drunk) but it’s impressive to show people you can drink all day and make the fireworks.

Remember, people are constantly judging you based on the content of your character Instagram. It’s your world, girl–everyone is just living in it, through your red, white, and blue feed–and that’s American as fuck. Let freedom ring.

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