7 Screenshots You Need To Send To Your Best Friend Right Now

1. This Terribly Edited Instagram Photo

screenshots to send to your best friend insta

Did she even try?! The whole horizon is warped, not to mention the fact that it looks like her head is entirely too big to be supported by her neck. Why are people commenting “skinny mini” when it is SO clearly edited? You hate her. And her clever caption.

2. This Tweet That Is “So You.”

screenshots to send to your best friend tweet

Ugh, this is LITERALLY you and your best friend. The two of you love wine. It’s like the tweet was made for you two and you two alone. Drinking wine? Classic you and your best friend. She has to see this. She is going to crack up.

3. This Facebook Post Of Some Girl From Your High School Being So Obviously Cryptic

screenshots to send to your best friend  facebook

Stop everything. Your day is now devoted to finding out who Kelly is talking about. You haven’t talked to Kelly in years, but now you are fully invested in her life. You’ve trained for years to sharpen your creeping skills, and now is your time to shine. So, friends for 6 years, that means she became friends with her sophomore year of high school. That’s when she joined the soccer team. You are on the way to solve this mystery once and for all. Whoever finds the wedding picture first doesn’t have to pay for drinks tonight.

4. This Message From Your Ex

screenshots to send to your best friend fb chat

As if you needed another reason to never talk to him again, he hits you with this crazy shit. Your best friend is the only person left who will listen to you talk about him because it’s been, like, forever since you broke up, and that’s why she’s the best. She’ll answer in all caps for sure and try to convince you not to answer. But he went through all that trouble just to talk to you. Maybe chivalry isn’t dead.

5. This Picture Of The Guy That You Met Last Night

screenshots to send to your best friend guy

This is his only picture that isn’t from high school. Guys on social media are the worst. Don’t they know we have to send pictures to our friends for approval before anything can go further? If they were smart, they would constantly be updating their profiles like us, or at least leave their Instagram on public so we can pick our favorite. But anyway, he’s in the back so that means he’s tall. You’re pretty sure he was cute, but you have to check with your best friend.

6. This Text Conversation With Standards

screenshots to send to your best friend text

What a bitch, right? She was totally giving you attitude. Maybe you fudged the truth a little bit and called that guy your boyfriend when you’ve only hung out with him sober twice, but after that attack on your morals, there’s no way that she’d go after your relationship too. That would just be evil. You know you’re not in the wrong here, but you need your best friend to back you up.

7. This Hideous Snapchat Of Her That You Will Use For Blackmail

screenshots to send your best friend snapchat

Yikes. This was not your best friend’s shining moment. You don’t remember exactly why she was in the dumpster, but you just remember it made the fact that she was in the dumpster exponentially more embarrassing. Was she checking for a condom wrapper or something to make sure she used one to save the money on Plan B? Who knows. But this picture will be used again, and the timing is for you to know and her to find out.

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Ali Hin

A born and raised Jersey girl, she can always be found covered in sand and pizza sauce. Her personal brand is "that girl." She prefers wine in bottles because she thinks outside of the box. Send fan mail to [email protected] or by smoke signal.

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