7 Signs You Need To Lock Him Down


Good men are about as rare as, well, good men. If you come across one, it can honestly be hard to tell. With so few diamonds in the rough, it’s easy to overlook big issues or even only see the issues. Sure, there are the basic things to look for. Is he nice to me, does he like my friends, does he treat his mom well? But when it comes down to it, some of the most sought after qualities are often overlooked. If a guy has these seven things going for him, dating him would probably be your dreams come true.

1. You can have fun in the most unusual ways.

No, I’m not talking about S&M. I mean, it’s cool if you like that, but what I mean is having fun when you didn’t even plan to. This can range anywhere from Netflixing to grocery shopping to riding in the car. When you can be with him during normal, everyday activities and be giggling and enjoying yourselves, that’s when it should hit you that this is special. Making up pointless games, laughing at inside jokes, having staring contests, it doesn’t matter what it is. If he can make you simply appreciate life more, he’s a keeper.

2. He thinks you’re funny.

Some guys have this complex that their girl can’t be taller or funnier than them. I won’t get into the height one (because I agree tbh), but the funnier one is just bullshit. A girl who can make you laugh is a girl of any man’s dreams. He should be proud of your comedic skills and let you show them off to his friends and family. He should be laughing at all your jokes: 50 percent of the time because they’re actually funny and 50 percent of the time because you look cute when you tell them.

3. You have reasonable arguments.

You’d be a fucking liar if you tried to pretend there is no arguing in a good relationship. There are always going to be disagreements, no matter how little or how big they may seem. The difference is on how the arguments go. There can be some yelling, never any pushing, and maybe a couple swear words. But in the end, the conflict should be solved. No one should storm off. If your respect for each other always triumphs over some stupid issue, congratulations, you’re ready to level up the commitment.

4. You have a few, but not too many things in common.

Whoever said “opposites attract” was so wrong. You’ve got to have at least a little common ground with him. On the contrary, make sure you’re not going after the male version of yourself. It’s all about finding the perfect balance of “we’re both obsessed with making Mexican food” and “I just don’t understand his obsession with sports cars.” You get your enthusiasm when you can gush about something together and your peace of mind when you have your own vices.

5. He respects and supports your decisions.

If you decide to spend the summer in a different city to find yourself, he’s got to be okay with that. If you decide you have to cancel your plans that night to study for a mid-term, he can’t complain. Far too many women think it’s fine to let their boyfriend influence their decisions. Sure, maybe when you’re 30. But girl, you’re young. Be selfish sometimes. A true man will understand that you’ve just gotta “do you” every once and a while.

6. He asks the tough questions.

It’s easy for any guy to ask your favorite food or your dream vacation. It’s the ones who ask about growing up, your family, your struggles, and your passions who take the gold. Beyond that, it’s important that he’s genuinely interested. That he isn’t just searching for your soft spot, but rather hoping to understand you. Getting to know you personally is his first step to a landing a meaningful position in your life. After all, it’s better to be single than with someone who doesn’t bring out the best in you.

7. The sex is good.

Oh, don’t act like you didn’t know this was coming.

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